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How to report bug/glitch?

Posted 3 years ago

 I have run across a bug in the game and would like to pass on the info and video of it to the development team. How do I go about that for Rebellion? 

The bug/glitch is that in single player the grenade in belt shots are not being registered for weapon upgrades and also not being registered as a kill at all, even though the NPC is killed.  

How do i pass this info on? 

Posted 3 years ago

 Scroll down to the bottom of this forum click on contact and there you will be able to report any issues also search twitter for rebellion and sniper elite 4. 

Posted 3 years ago

 I reject your reality and inject my own: 

That link is not for reporting bugs and glitches. It does how ever list what you can use it for which is the following : Please ONLY use this form if you…

  • are a journalist with a press query
  • have a question about a job vacancy
  • have a question about the Rebellion Gamestore
  • want to chat to us about a business or advertising opportunity
  • have spotted a problem with this website.

Thank you for your understanding!

So this is surely is not what I need... 

END of Normal Reality :lol:

Posted 3 years ago

 After days of searching I found the link inside the link at the bottom of the screen to send the video to support.

 Here is the video if anyone else is interested in in the bug that is occurring. 



Posted 3 years ago

 Thanks for the video.

Support is a lot more caught up at the moment so you should receive an answer soon.

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