Sniper Elite 4



ammo issue

Posted 3 years ago

 hey i bought the a week ago i had no problems at all, after the update im guessing my game start acting up. everytime i start amultiplayer, survival or campaign i only spawn with per loaded rounds for my rife, smg and hand guns. If i go to the fireing range i spawn with all my ammo accounted for. i have tried everything to get me to have all my ammo. hard resetting xbox, deleteing the game to re download it again, switching weapons but no matter what i do i still get the same out come. i love the but this issue it stupid. if i play online i have to find ammo everytime i die which ledads me to getting spotted and dying even more, i cant really play campaign undected cuz the lack of ammo. if anyone has had this issue and has fixed it please help me

Posted 3 years ago

 I have the same issue

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