Sniper Elite 4



Season pass not working.

Posted 4 years ago

 I paid for season pass and it downloaded. I got everything but the 3 new missions. Can anyone help?

Posted 4 years ago

 I did the same, everything there but the three missions.  Are they available yet and if not, any rough idea of when to look for them?  Thanks, enjoying the game quite a bit.

Posted 4 years ago

 I found in another forum that they are working on them. But no hard date on when we would get them. :( 

The game is GREAT!!!



Posted 4 years ago

 Yeh we still making the 3 missions.

At the moment the only extra mission would be the Target Fuhrer mission.

Posted 4 years ago

 Do you have any idea about when they will come out? Thanks for the reply!

Posted 4 years ago

For release dates and all the content they have planned check out the dev's blog updated yesterday:

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