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Lost all SE4 data after outage

Posted 2 years ago

 Hey guys,

I had a power outage the other night while SE4 was running and upon boot, saw that all my data was gone. Rank/unlocks/campaign progress etc., everything.

I've attempted the beta fix and the save slot fix and nothing has worked. Profile now reads as a lvl 1 Private.

Thoughts on if I'll ever get my data back?


Posted 2 years ago

 You won't get it anything you earned back due to a power cut. This isn't a rebellion problem so you are wasting your time asking for a fix. There is bigger issues to deal with now. Just grind it out it isn't that hard. 

Posted 2 years ago

 It could be other problem, my friend got this type of progress wipe 4 times now and there was no power outage. He stopped playing until its hopefully fixed somehow.

Posted 2 years ago

 Are there no cloud saves on PC or an online backup? Maybe through your gaming client (Steam)?

Because apart from that, it sounds like the outage screwed with your save file / progress file, and that`s bad news, unfortunately. Maybe you can try defragging your HDD? Otherwise, I really wouldn't know.

Posted 2 years ago

 How is it not a Rebellion problem? Lost power, 6 save files(progress remains intact throughout those levels) but all other data is gone.

I fail to see how it could possibly be anyone elses issue?

Posted 2 years ago

 Well you did loss power and it does say do not turn off machine during automatic saving. Since you had a power cut then I say imo it's not rebellions fault. 



Posted 2 years ago


Can I ask you to try run the BETA patch?

It may not help but is worth a try.

Posted 2 years ago

 This happen to me with level40...This is a crash that may be because if you go to load/save and the game is  doing in this moment an auto save...random crash the profile.

My home solution since this bad experience is to save my folder game always with copy to other place.(Go to:


And copy-backup all this for you. 

Only I have 1 crash, but I suggest have this buckup.

Posted 2 years ago

 Hey buddy,

Thanks for the link, I have tried that with no luck.

I reached out to support the day it happened and heard from Mike once, but haven't heard from him since and I think it's been over a week now. He asked me to send him my save files and approx. details of progress etc. Not sure if you two are within a close proximity, but if you are, would you able to give him a nudge for me? :P  bennybeee is the email.

I'll try the beta fix again, cross my fingers and hope for the best.

Posted 2 years ago

 Hey i have same Problem computer crash   and all my maps guns and my status 50 are gone,Checkpoint Data defekt.I copy savegame back and im back Lee50 all guns are back maps also.But  When i play Online all my Kills dont count in Betlstlist.What can i do... i write since 10 Days to Rebellion Support and noboddy answerme.Thats bad .I wanne play Online .Can somebody help me ????

Posted 2 years ago

 AND YOU SEE here NO HELP from this Shit SUpport .I cant play since 5 weeks .NO ANSWER OR HELP FROM REBELLION

Posted 2 years ago

 NO answer from this shit Report,i never buy a game from Rebellion

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