Sniper Elite 4



Access Dlc Offline ?

Posted 3 years ago

 I have problems to access the Dlc when im Offline, i have bought the Target Fuhrer Dlc and the silent warfare pack and downloaded it, but it only shows in the game menu when im online, i can start it and then go Offline, but when i go back to menu, its gone. 

So, can you not play the Dlc in Offline mode ? If , how can solve it ? 

I have the latest update. I ask this because i only have a mobile broadband whit a limit, so im not glad to be online to much whith the Xb 1.

Posted 3 years ago

 +1 I don't have internet at my house so I have to download everything at a friend or family members house. I noticed that all dlc guns are locked and dlc option isn't there when at home but everything is there when I am online at someone else's house. This really sucks because I am not interested in the multiplayer modes just the solo play and purchased the season pass like I did with SE3 and everything worked perfectly with SE3. 

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