Sniper Elite 4



Poll for who thinks there should be " Custom Difficulty" Settings in Multiplayer

Posted 3 years ago

How many people think there should be custom difficulty settings in multiplayer like Sniper Elite V2 had?

Yes - If you think they should update that

No - If you think they should leave it as is

Posted 3 years ago

 ps4 doesnt allow custom setting for mulitplayer forcing you to play a certain way...

so YES

Posted 3 years ago

 Totally agree YES. 

Posted 3 years ago

 It is hidden. It would have been good as it was in V2. It is much better if you would.The first sheet. When you select the custom.It would have been that settings . Like a picture.


Posted 3 years ago

 ya but is that for pc? 

SE 2 had it the best for consoles...

just give the no aim assist option for multiplayer for any mode on console please

Posted 3 years ago

 Hardcore is best. Due to lack of sprint and melee, both suck and kind of not belong to this game. However every time i host with hardcore there is at least one moron sooner or later who can understand that friendly fire is enabled. Some doesn't even get it if you message about that and tell them...that's a problem.

I kind of understand that there aren't custom because that will lead to situation where player never has a clue what's going on when joining game. There should be some "this match has custom setting, do you want to preview setting before joining" -type of notification implemented.

While waiting for that i would prefer Hardcore without friendly fire. Friendly fire really isn't adding anything positive to experience, however it currently is causing helluvalot of problems due to morons shooting team mates. 

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