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How to 'fix' future SE (et al.) Rebellion games

Posted 1 year ago

 Here are some bullet points pertaining to the issues I have found with Rebellion shooter games over the years (SE4, NZA / ZAT, SB):

  • Incongruously non-interactive maps: Although the Rebellion maps have improved steadily in complexity and size, the strange interaction demarcation has become proportionally irritating -- examples: non-interactive doors and windows (to open/close); non moveable objects (beds, cupboards, tables -- to use as defilades etc.); inconsistency on otherwise interactive objects (one downpipe can be climbed, while other cannot).
  • Pointlessly corralled maps (esp. in survival / hordes type game modes): Despite the laudable overall size of maps, areas are often 'roped off' for no apparent reason.  Now, I can understand this kind of restriction in competitive modes -- to mitigate 'unfair' camping or vantage points be abused.  However, for co-operative play and / or "private" [online] game modes (and single-player), all dragging an invisible 'police line' around an otherwise [potentially] expansive map does is diminish the game experience, unduly reduce strategic options for players to avail and limit the 'emergent' gameplay possibilities.
  • Dumb-to-telepathic enemy scripts: The "A.I." in, specifically, SE games, spans suicidally dumb / 'I just got the point blank jump on you, but will sit there yelling for back-up instead of pulling the trigger', to inbuilt 'brain radar' / 'I can detect a 150M silenced kill from a location completely hidden from my cone of vision' omniscience.  These infamously spasmodic enemy traits clearly impinges on immersion, fun and overall replay value.  Moreover, the various bot settings really do not seem to make much difference (e.g., "Authentic Plus" enemy reaction is near-indiscernible from "Cadet" [in SE4]).
  • Unrealistic weapon damage: On one hand, if an "X-Ray" effect is initiated, the kill is guaranteed;  but, without said stylised effect -- even if the enemy is hit between the eyes -- they can often shrug off the injury.  All applicable Rebellion games need a mode where damage effects are more realistic/severe; and if that results in players are getting one-shot through organs, so be it.  These games aren't made for casuals of children, and their difficulty should reflect this.
  • No option for enemy kills (of players) being viewed in "X-Ray" mode: If anything, the player's death should hold more significance than that of grunt #29831294812, and should, thus, have the option to be seen in said signature manner.  I've had this pet peeve since the NZA games, and this seemingly obvious oversight has yet been addressed.




Posted 1 year ago

 Thanks for the feedback!

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