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No Complaints, just some ideas for SE5

Posted 1 year ago

 I have spent more time on this game than any other I can remember in a long time, I just finished SE3 but started with SE4, did all the DLC as well. After all that time I have a couple of suggestions for the next game, this is from someone who loves the game:

1. More places to climb, it's a sniper game so any spot with some altitude is a good idea, even just a large set of rocks would be helpful. And more roofs would be the bomb...

2. More control over the sound, I would love to turn the heartbeat down so I can focus on the surrounding noises. The music is good, but I keep it low so I can concentrate on the kill.

3. More ammo types, they did have exploding sniper ammo in WWII which would be fun, possibly some with higher grains or modified jackets.

4. More secondary weapon choices, I would love on some missions to carry a Kar98 and a Nagant, or any such combination. I never use the machine guns, I will use the Panzer's at various times. Different rifles offer different shot styles and would be nice to move back and forth.

5. More booby trap types...

Love the game, can't wait for the next release.

Thank You


Posted 1 year ago

 I also really love this game and have played it more than probably any other one I have. Your suggestions are great. I'd love to see it as a more open world game where we can go wherever we want, and climb, enter any building. It'd be so amazing if we could also drive cars/tanks and fly planes, but maybe that's too hard to do from a tech standpoint? I can't wait for a Sniper 5!



Posted 1 year ago

 Thanks for the suggestions!

Posted 1 year ago

 Add Lyudmila Pavlichenko as a playable character.

Posted 1 year ago

 I think what is most important about a 5th version is the location in which it’s placed and time period. They’ve done great with tactics, authentic plus levels etc. 

Where and when should be the conversation.

1. Moscow 1950s

2. Korea 1950s

3. True to history locations of Hitler, Mussolini, top generals, etc. during the war

What do you all think

Posted 7 months ago

 On the new SE5 no skill tree why does an elite soldier need upgrading... keep game play similar as it is now adding to much will reduce the fun and experience, add some cryptic notes to go and find additional rifles rather than make us pay for them. I liked the added suppression ammunition in the last game may be good to bolster that in SE5. Please keep the game in the current style just love it and perhaps a modern sniper elite at some point 

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