Sniper Elite 4



Upgrades / Skins

Posted 1 year ago

I've been playing the PS4 version of the game for a fairly long time, but I've realised I pretty much start and shoot - that's it.  No upgrades, no skins etc etc - and I'd like to ask a few questions I haven't been able to find online.

* I play 100% of the time online - zero missions/campaigns. Would this in any way hamper my ability to upgrade weapons, as I understand it I need to get to certain milestones?

* I formatted my PS4 the other day - it put me back to 1 star :( Doesn't this all get saved in the cloud? 

* How do I get my belt to hold 6 items, as opposed to 4 items (the last 2 are grayed out)?

* Is there any way to see exactly how far away from upgrading? For example, if I need 50 x tagged kills - can I see where I am now?

Thanks !

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