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achievement requirements met but not unlocking

Posted 2 years ago

 hi all,

looking to see if anyone else has encountered achievements on xbox one not unlocking when you've met the requirements.

the reason i'm asking is that about 5 days ago i met the requirements for Master At Arms. where you have to master a rifle, secondary and a pistol. on my loadout they are all mastered but the achievement shows locked.

so today i met the requirements with three additional weapons, rifle, smg, pistol and again nothing still locked.

any help or advice from anyone, is there a way to fix it. i was hoping to 100% the achievements

but i don't want to have to complete everything else then delete save and try from afresh, jut for this one achievement.

just to reiterate the guns are rifle, secondary and pistol. all are fully mastered all 4 categories for each weapon completed and given the master makeover, brass effect etc.

and i have now done exactly same with 3 different weapons.

P.S love the game and having a laugh in co op

Posted 2 years ago

 I'm having the same issue all of a sudden.  I have met all the requirements for The Collector achievement and for the Following Orders achievement but they didn't unlock.  Don't know if it has something to do with the new update or not.  I REALLY hope this gets fixed though!!!

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