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This games biggest flaw: it's too easy

Posted 2 years ago

I think Sniper Elite is a fantastic game, but my biggest gripe with this game is that it's far too easy. 

I play on the hardest difficulty. 

You can just camp somewhere and Snipe away, or play however you want, and never really fear an aggressive response from the enemy that might end your life. 

I think the AI is pretty good, seem to coordinate, and communicate. There's no real problems with it. 

I simply never feel threatened in this game. And I have to say -- it hurts the experience. 

I'm not sure what the answer is? Even less health, but I find I'm not getting hit that often really...

I've just been playing Ghost Recon Wildlands. Sniper Elite is a superior game in a number of areas, especially AI... However in GR, you can't simply snipe away, they do charge your position, and you die very quickly (hardest difficulty) 

So was just wondering if Rebellion could up with a harder difficulty??

How hard do others find it?

Posted 2 years ago

 One shot (or 2) kill perhaps?

This is the first sniper elite I have played on authentic (I have them all) and I understand what you are saying,

the game is excellent but not as threatening as it could ,  or should , be.

Posted 2 years ago

 The new triangulation mechanic is quite an improvement over SE3's "Shoot twice, move away, move back, shoot twice, again", but it also means that enemies have it harder to find your location, the further you are away.

Once they know your location, however, they quite often become very aggressive, charge you and can kill you quite quickly, especially on Authentic settings. They're also pretty good shots from afar.

Does the triangulation make it too easy? I don't know.

But maybe it's a testament to your skill, because in my experience, if you keep just shooting and missing, after a few shots the enemies will swarm on you quickly (as long as you've been spotted or are close enough).

Posted 2 years ago

 Don't know if anyone here played Hidden and Dangerous 2 and it's expansion Sabre Squadron but it is very similar game and  gameplay (WW2-stealth)  but a good deal more tension, definitely harder

Posted 2 years ago

 Hidden and dangerous... great game. 

That was way more deadly.

As the game stands currently, on authentic mode, I think you can simply take far too much punishment...

You die much quicker in GR...

I've camped in one position, taking pot shots, and they do attack you, but I rarely feel threatened. 

Think maybe the answer is self imposed handicaps? Perhaps no health packs or, no saves

Posted 2 years ago

 That said, not saving on again like sniper elite, it's simply not practical, only because the levels sometimes take a long time to complete.

Posted 2 years ago

I think if you're a good shot the game isn't difficult at all, even in authentic.

As long as you can keep killing enemies faster than new ones show up there's very little danger.  

Once your position has been triangulated the enemies in range should all collapse on you quickly, and it would be harder if enemies moved as quickly as you do.  

Posted 2 years ago

 have to agree , it IS pretty easy. Mini map off makes it a little more difficult in Authentic . Not as easy as SE3. AI is a bit more intelligent and aggressive in this one, but it's still easy to clear out an entire map.

Posted 2 years ago

 I also have to agree, unfortunately.

My friend and I have been eagerly awaiting this game to play co-op online and although we are really happy with how it plays, after only 3 missions we are seeing how the challenges are not really inherent, they're more imposed by ourselves.

 A good example is the need to mask shots. In short, there isn't any need to at all. It feels more like an optional extra. I'm not a fan of games that encourage different game play by simply offering a trophy or medal. I'd much prefer the game demands it of me by the game play itself. If the enemy works out where you are, just run around and find a different way; a way that puts so much distance between you that their threat becomes redundant. OR, just pull put your SMG and blast any enemy that runs at you. 

It's me and my friend playing so anyone on this thread concerned with how easy it is playing on your own, imagine when you have a buddy by your side!

I'm not upset. I'm not complaining. We both love the game and will replay it over and over no doubt. But yeah, a bit more challenging would be great! Creatively though. Don't just lower the damage our rifles do or some other knee-jerk reaction. That kinda stuff is just a cop-out, yes? Very EA. Very Ubisoft...

Congrats on the game Rebellion. You really have delivered something special here...and to think that it can be improved further is really exciting.



Posted 2 years ago

 Thank you for the feedback. Will pass on to the devs.

Posted 2 years ago

 The "need" to mask shots diminishes the further away you are. If the enemies are far enough away, they don't even hear your shots, they just react to misses or kills in their vicinity.

But I don't agree on there being no need to mask shots at all, as enemies will eventually come to investigate (after one or two unmasked shots) or attack and swarm you when they see you or spot you. Unmasked shots also make them look in your direction, and the time for them to see you when you expose yourself gets drastically reduced.

They are quite tenacious when they've found you, can sneak up on you or hunt you. I've had some following me halfway across the map, and they shoot pretty well, too. Two good hits from a Rifle and you're gone. Not to mention how they shoot you, force you behind cover to heal, then throw a grenade right on top of your head, and when it goes off the run and check your last position.

Playing with Authentic HUD on SE or Authentic Difficulty and the Danger Camera turned off can get quite hectic if you happen to miss a few enemies close by and don't find a spot to hide.

Of course, if you're good, you might just make it easy by yourselves. I've mostly died when going for the challenges or secondary weapon mastery stuff, as long as I keep my distance, I manage fine.
But that's kinda the point of the game, isn't it? ;)

If anything, I think it would be nice to:

- have enemies that are alerted not go back into a normal state, but stay watchful, not go back to their patrol patterns, but move towards the general direction of the shot's origin, search, and only if they find nothing should they return to a more alert kind of normal;
- have the first shot give enemies a bit more direction of where it's coming from, and have them go towards it a bit quicker if there are no follow-up shots;
- have enemies come at you together or in threes and fours more often, not the usual "Go look if he's still there, I'll watch you get killed from here".

But there has to be a balance to it, also from the gameplay aspect. Make it too tough, and the experimentation goes out the window, the reload/retry becomes the go-to action. If you mess up, you should have a chance to get away and "reset" the scene, then try again.

Least that's what I think.

Posted 2 years ago

 Oh, and tagging should be on a timer (that refreshes when you look at a tagged enemy) and not let you track enemies through walls - if the timer runs out when they`re out of sight, no more tag, no more range.

Posted 2 years ago

 Oh, and tagging should be on a timer (that refreshes when you look at a tagged enemy) and not let you track enemies through walls - if the timer runs out when they`re out of sight, no more tag, no more range.

 Now you're making it "Too hard" for us newbies.  Perhaps more options to turn on/off?




Posted 2 years ago

 I play on sniper elite and it's easy when you sound mask your shot or when you fire your next shot when the yellow circle goes away without sound mask, but like other here is saying when you miss 3-4 shot without sound mask and your cover is blown, it's getting more difficult to stay alive or hidden, i'm playing Sniper Elite 3 now and it is the same thing there, sound mask and you will be fine, cover blown all he** breaks loose :) .

Posted 2 years ago

 Oh, and tagging should be on a timer (that refreshes when you look at a tagged enemy) and not let you track enemies through walls - if the timer runs out when they`re out of sight, no more tag, no more range.

 Your ideas are really good. I'd like to see enemy behaviour more like what you described. Not being able to see tagged enemies through walls would certainly make it more realistic. By the sound of what you wrote, the game probably gets more challenging as it goes on (as games tend to do!) but remember, it's me and a buddy playing so maybe the challenges you're referring to are more prevalent when playing on your own (?)

I can't wait for the weekend when we'll get back into it and see if that is in fact the case. As for Peter_C's comment, I also agree. I'd hate to have new players alienated because more seasoned players want it harder. Must be so difficult for the devs to strike that balance.

Oh and having to perform coordinated shots would be cool. Me and my buddy thought that existed in SE3 but I think we were getting confused with Splinter Cell.

Anyway, we're only THREE LEVELS IN ! Maybe I really should just wait and see what happens the deeper we get into the campaign!

Cheers guys.

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