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[Xbox One] Empires Finest is Recruiting

Posted 2 years ago

:radioactive: eF [Empires Finest] is Recruiting The Best Snipers Out There! :radioactive:

:grey_question: About: We're a cooperate, tactical and competitive clan. :grey_question:

:warning: Requirements To Join: MUST have a Microphone, Speak English, and be over Level 10. After you are apart of eF for a week you MUST change your Gamertag. (ex. Sniper eF) :warning:

  • Sniper Elite 4: Italia is the 3rd Division of eF
  • If you're interested in joining, Reply to this Thread or Message me on Xbox.
  • My Gamertag: Im Stxncxd

See you on the battlefield! - Stxncxd [eF] Founder/Leader/SE4I Division Leader

My Social Media: 

Twitter: @Cult_eF

Twitch: Stxncxd_

Instagram: @Stxncxd

  •  Xbox One Gamertag: Im Stxncxd :radioactive: :flag_us:
  • Twitch: @Stxncxd_ :ballot_box_with_check: :warning:
  • Twitter: @Stxncxd :ballot_box_with_check: :warning:

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