Sniper Elite 4



Changed setting controller

Posted 3 years ago

 Heyas all,  I have a difficulty. Formerly the D pad was up rifle left pistol en right submachine gun. Now de right D pad setting is changed to medical kit. And have to get to my sturmgewehr via de inventory setting. Annoying!  But the settings has no, to my knowledge, changeable settings. But how do I get de Sub MG back?


Posted 3 years ago

 I'm having the same problem. I'm hoping they will switch this back to the machine gun, or allow you to simply customize the d-pad actions.

If I remember correctly you could do this in Sniper Elite 3 but I cant remember how. It wasn't in the settings, it was something like holding the L1 button and selecting the item in the rotary selection you want then maybe pressing the direction pad...something like that to set it for that item to load when the d-pad is used.

I'm gonna search a bit online.

Hoping someone responds here.

; )

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