Sniper Elite 4



Xbox version is terrible

Posted 1 year ago

 What happened to this franchise?  I remember dev's that cared about the community as a whole.  Playing the xbox version on an xbox one x is just terrible.  The game looks horrid,  I see there's pro support now after I've got the game for xbox one.

  Why no love for the xbox community?My very first match online after I spent $110 Canadian for the deluxe edition I had no sound?  You can't customize match options to whatever you like?  The options are literally there.  Why are they locked to being changed according to how you want the match?  The pc version is ridiculously better than this in terms of customization for matches and sadly the community on the pc is way wayy smaller than what I seen on my xbox. 

Honestly rebellion I can't even believe I'm playing your rendition of this sniper elite game when I see the absolute disparity between options and performance from one platform to the next across all 3.  I hope you guys plan to do something with this game still as far as updating and upgrading on both console versions for match customization and adding in xbox one x support.   No one set of presets has exactly what I would be looking for to make this game incredibly fun on console. 

Have to say how incredibly disappointed I am in this version of the game after being a decently long time PC player and giving my money to you twice for this game, expected way more and now beginning to wish I hadn't dropped the money on it again.... 

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