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Rebellion respect the gamers and correct this bug!!! Level 50 reset bug

Posted 2 years ago

  I hope this finds the right people (forwarded to the devs).

I have reached level 50 on PS4. I have just completed the Furher DLC and suddenly everything is locked!!!

I can't progress any of my weapons and the game treats me like I've never played before - asking for my audio preferences etc. I even had my invert sticks reset to default.

It's like I've 'prestiged' but without any benefits. I have all weapons locked and no way of unlocking anything as I am max rank.

Can someone please help. I've signed up just to provide this thread and noticed similar ones to mine.

Posted 2 years ago

 Again this got nothing to do with the actual level. Happened to me around level 30

Posted 2 years ago

 Plus: it's on Xbox too. 

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