Sniper Elite 4



Host System and bad Stuff

Posted 2 years ago

 Dear Rebellion Team  ! What have you guys done !!!????  If im in Front of a Deathmatch game , and the Host is in second or 3. Position, he can kick me in 1. Position and the 2. out of the Round and he will win the Round !!! What the Hell ! Where is the Fairplay !!!??? Like this the Multiplayer mode makes no sense anymore , and for this i bought the Game ! And the second Problem are your Leaderboards ... from yesterday to today some guys did 30000 kills and 2 Billion meters in one day online  !!!! ???? 

Sorry guys !  That is to much !!!  I only be honest !!! I bought it for 99 euros over the Store ... i think its not worth 10,- Euro  !!!! Im really disappointed. ...

Posted 2 years ago

 Agree with u .

Posted 2 years ago

 100% you true  

Posted 2 years ago

 1000000000000% true , am super disappointed coz of what  GoalShot_1 said, and the annoying game reset BUG every time when i play missions or multiplayer .

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