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Posted 1 year ago

 Make the entire game an open world experience with all the DLC from previous instalments as loadout that’s fully customisable.  You should be able to find ammunition that’s powerful, accurate or quiet, along with extended magazines, variable zoom scopes, rear sights, fore grips, anti tank grenades, anti material rifles shoulder fired weapons and anti tank mines from every weapons manufacturer in existence and consult with firearms experts and get them to demonstrate for new animations

Also from the start every aspect of the player’s appearance should be customisable for better camouflage stealth and protection.  

This would mean soft patrol caps boonie hats, ghillie suits, ballistic face shields, helmets, face paint and uniform patterns shorts, beanies, berets and the ability to choose the player’s. eye, hair colour, length, hairstyle, skin tone tattoos, facial hair and scars.  

Also throw in strategy elements so depending on how many players you have you could order your team to deploy a light medium or heavy mounted weapon like a mortar or machine gun at one position while another team flanks or suppresses the enemy like in full spectrum warrior or a small observation unit could perform reconnaissance and lay in wait to ambush the enemy on large rescue missions.

Delve deep into the various fighting styles around the world to come up with devastating new limb snapping bone crunching fighting styles for subduing, securing enemies or escaping and disarming foes.  Look for new weapons by Atlanta Cutlery and Cold Steel and consult martial artists and have them demonstrate the moves and weapons for new animations.

Players should be able to choose various types of blades, from knives and machete like weapons to various throwing weapons like throwing knives, axes, shurikens and clubs that could be swung.

Visible damage like entry and exit wounds should appear as well as mutilation like dismemberment decapitation organs and bones popping out through skin and more depending on the  ammunition or hand to hand weapon used.

Posted 1 year ago

 There should be much greater emphasis on character and weapon customisation like Ubisoft did with the rainbow six Vegas watchdogs, assassins creed and ghost recon franchises via sniper elite 3 style loadout crates around the map.

Also each region should have far cry style outposts to liberate controlled by a Japanese or German officer with the civilians providing side quests as well.

In terms of melee weapons Karl’s smatchet could be used like this against enemies.


Also the cutscenes with Karl’s allies from sniper elite should be replaced with radio conversations whenever a new region is discovered detailing which enemy officer controls it and the types of missions available with interrogations revealing locations of equipment and XP to upgrade the allies and guerillas skill trees along with your AI teammates.

Provide various versions of each type of weapon from SE4 and include upgrades like parachutes smoke bombs and lock picks along with surveillance tools for eavesdropping on conversations like drones that could perform aerial reconnaissance and take out enemy jammers, generators and anti air missile batteries

Posted 1 year ago

 Wish List: Hiding Places, Long Shot Opportunities, Silenced Weapons!

I see post on here about how players "want to drive a tank, or command a squad of troops, or fly a helicopter". And yeah, Grand Theft Auto 5 and COD/Battlefield are great games, but they're NOT Sniper Elite.

The heart and soul of this franchise/series is making the battlefield "small"...crawling around, setting up shots or traps, taking your time, waiting for the right moment.

I would love to see more hiding places to relocate to. High places, rock walls with missing bricks, bridges, bombed out buildings that we could blend into, vehicles we can crawl under. And more ways to mask the sound of rifles.

I don't USE a pistol that isn't silenced. We need MORE silenced weapons, or at least silenced ammunition. I thought the point was to NOT get caught?

And I LOVE long shots! Nothing more satisfying than making a shot on a moving target at extreme range. Watching the target go down when it's so small you can barely make it's the best. Even BETTER in 4K resolution and HDR...just sayin'

Posted 1 year ago

 The campaign could be played with up to four players as a Soviet Spetsnaz Naval Commando team with the team leader based on Viktor Leonov so look up his book blood on the shore.  The sniper could be a female character based on the legendary Lyudmila Pavilchenko allowing for backstory on both characters upbringing and childhood and the spotter’s role could be expanded on and explored as the senior officer and mentor.  HQ could contact players via an earpiece and concealed microphone after and before embarking on mission and objectives to provide details of newly discovered areas of the map as well as providing backstory on themselves and briefings on Nazis.  The partisans would play an even bigger role than before as now they’d not only have agents all over the map like in ghost recon wildlands for players to get locations of sniper elite 3 style weapon and equipment boxes, they’ll also have a vast skill tree and order wheel to upgrade.  This will mean that completing missions for them and tagging supplies like convoys of medical supplies, fuel and communications gear will unlock commands like sending reinforcements, setting up roadblocks, providing mortar fire, providing diversionary fire and tagging enemies for you.  You’ll also find them locked in enemy bases holding cells and breaking them will mean they’ll grab weapons from from nearby crates to battle the nazis.  Missions will involve, rescuing and investigating tales of jews, gypsies, disabled victims of human experiments from research facilities where chemical weapons like sarin and chlorine gas are being developed at army, naval and airforce bases.  Also atomic, nuclear, germ and biological weapons plants will need to be dealt with before they can field deadly new weapons of mass destruction including, anthrax and the plague.    This will mean that stealth will be more important than ever and so players will need to pick the right tools for the environment.  New equipment will include tactical crossbows, longbows, compound and recurve bows with various tips including broad head and bodkin points delivering devastating stealthy X-ray kills so look up archery companies like Hoyt and historical legends like former Royal Marine and expert archer Mad Jack Churchill. for ideas.  Weapons whether firearms archery or melee will come in three categories range heavy, medium and light, from both the Allies and Axis forces so this link will contain lists of gear to include.

Posted 1 year ago

Here are my suggestions to add more authenticity to the series (at least for that difficulty level):

Switching Weapons Animation

  • The original Sniper Elite had realistic animations for switching weapons. You had to fully sling your sniper rifle, for example, before retrieving your SMG or pistol. Sniper Elite 3 and 4 opts instead for a quick animation of your weapon nearly instantaneously appearing in your hand once selected. I understand that gamers want weapon selection to be quick, but for those of us who crave authenticity, give us the option to have the full weapon switching animation play out like in the first game. 

Weapon Mechanics and Sounds

Bring back Sniper Elite 3's weapons system: 

  • Rifles were noticeably louder and the vibration feedback in the controller was greater. 
  • Reloading sounds played through the PS4 controller's speaker

Player and Enemy AI Health

  • I would love to see nonlethal wounds play out more realistically. Instead of having the player and the AI shake off those hits as if there were mosquito bites, why not have the the hit affect the player and enemy's physical capabilities? For example, a hit in the arm would impact aiming. A hit in the leg would eliminate the ability to sprint. (Bonus points if a limping animation could be added!)  A shot to the torso that doesn't impact a vital organ should impact breathing -- higher BPM (more scope wobble) and the inability to perform empty lung. 
  • Instead of having bandages and medkits restore health, why not just have them stop the bleeding like they do in real life. On the authentic difficulty especially, this would force to player to really try his best to avoid getting shot because whatever impairments he receives during the mission must be endured for the entire duration of the mission. 
  • Make weapons and items have weight to them. If a player decides to carry more items in the field, that should have an impact on movement speed. This will force the player to make a choice on speed vs utility. This is what real-life soldiers have to contend with every time they go into the field. (I'm an Army veteran, so I speak from firsthand experience.)
  • Bring back weapon-specific ammunition. If I'm carrying the Springfield, then only rounds specifically design for that weapon should work. I dislike the move to generic ammunition. I miss the days when I had to be more selective with my targets because I knew the likelihood of finding ammunition for my American weapon was slim. If I ran out of ammo for my weapon, I was forced to pick up an enemy weapon, one that I wasn't as familiar with. That adds a strategic element to the game. 
Melee Combat

I'd like to see a skill-based melee system implemented, one that forces the player to actually fight instead of relying on insta-kill animations. It gives us a consequence for trying to fight enemies upclose. Sniper Elite 3 sorta had this, but it wasn't expanded upon in 4, unfortunately. 

 Sniper Elite O.G. -- Been playing this franchise since the original was first released in 2005 on the Xbox. I currently own 1 and V2 on Steam and 3 and 4 on the PS4. Sorry, I never bought any of the Zombie versions. 

Favorite Loadout: Springfield 1903, Thompson, M1911, 1 Medkit, 1 Bandage, Suppressed Rifle Ammo, Suppressed Pistol Ammo, Trip Wire, S-Mine

Favorite Difficulty: Authentic Plus - the only way to truly experience what this game has to offer in my opinion. 


Posted 1 year ago

 Hello, I so want Karl to be British a specialised SAS Sniper, i find with war time shooters it is always from the  Americans point of view (i guess that is the biggest audience and so the makers feel will make the most £££), and the British heroes are forgotten, maybe a new playable British Soldier Character as skilled as Karl and more emphasises on the British angle, remember during WW2 the USA did not really enter into the war until nearing the end, also i think it would be great to have total control over the HUD so all button prompts and icons could be disabled for a totally immersive experience, perhaps the DD Landings and France would be a great setting for a level or two, ie Karl etc get parachuted in near the Beach landings to aid the onslaught etc and then you work across France etc with resistance help :)

Posted 1 year ago

 Nk44ab has a LOT of great ideas, but on some I couldn't disagree more. Like rjdriver, I play Sniper Elite for the single player sniper experience. If you want to play Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty/Battlefield games then go do it. Sniper Elite is THE BEST sniper game in the genre, and that's why I play. Why would I sneak around, set traps or relocate after a single shot if I could just take out a whole platoon of Nazi's with a tank or helicopter? Or command my squad of support characters to do the same? No way - the game works, the system works, don't mess with it. I HATE playing deathmatch because I'm always getting raped by a person running around using melee on everyone - and for that reason I play "distance king" - I think that's the soul of this game. Sniper Elite is about controlling the battlefield, slowing it down to YOUR pace and setting traps for enemies, not trying to "keep up" with twitch FPS style play.

Also agree with rjdriver, I wish you could climb/jump a LITTLE higher, so you could escape enemies by getting vertical, or gain elevation quickly when relocating. But I don't want the game to turn into "Assasins Creed" either.  I understand that a small change to the system means BIG changes to the game, and could have untold repercussions in multiplayer when people figure out you can get to some impossible game-breaking place by jumping/climbing.  I just feel like it's silly to be able to climb a yellow pipe 30 feet long but NOT be able to get up on top of a farm shed with an 8 foot wall :D 

My only complaint is that I spent most of the SE 4 campaign sneaking - I killed more enemies with a supressed pistol than I did my rifle. What I love most about this game is being able to set up extreme distance shots, or multiple kills, environmental kills with a trap or rock. It's fun to sneak up on an enemy and melee them from behind, or set up an elaborate trap or distraction, but for me nothing beats a perfectly timed shot between two trees or into the window of a moving vehicle at extreme range.  Just like I don't want this game to become GTA5 or Battlefield, I don't want this game to become "Metal Gear Solid" either. If you want to up the difficulty, how about let the AI soldiers persue you INDEFINITELY if you raise an alarm, or provoke them into a yellow "search" status. At least on a harder difficulty setting. Once they start searching for you, they never stop or relax?

Like CarcanoSniper said: "Other than that, it's all nitpicking" :D

I would love if the stealth was done like Splinter Cell where you could grab your enemy and interrogate or drag him into the shadows that would make it perfect for me !!


Posted 1 year ago


Use this and my previous posts to make Sniper Elite 5 a groundbreaking fantastic  to Sniper elite 4 with varied deep storylines, complex multidimensional characters based on real people  and deep diverse campaign missions in single, campaign  and multiplayer.

Use these reviews of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, Sniper Elite 4, Rainbow Six Siege Far Cry 5 and Ghost Recon Wildlands to help  make sniper elite 5 a greatest of all time title.

Include all the information and in my previous posts and links as well

The customisation needs work so that players can choose from the largest selection yet of gear so do extensive research into how this is done and get military technical advisors to help show how snipers choose and modify their gear and the impact that it has in combat.  Also do the same with spotters so that playing as part of a sniper team players it’s clear and accurate what the spotter’s role as senior officer and their  loudout is.

People forget who want Stalingrad as a setting forget that Call of duty world at war did this and told an allied/soviet gritty campaign really well so do this again keeping its gore and limb severing only use its reviews to make it better in every way as a 3rd person experience

Posted 1 year ago

 Use all of this to improve every aspect of the campaign whether trekking through sewers or jungles of the USSR and Japan and go full open world as well as the melee combat for sniper elite 5 also whenever enemies are reluctant to give up locations of POW camps, and sites of atomic, germ and biological weapons as well as dams and U-boat pens loosen their tongues with these interrogations and moves that will involve slaughtering the nazis with the new spetsnaz shovel for boris and Natalya’s machete and shashka sword

Natalya will be able to craft in her hideout hollow point big game and magnum pistol and rifle ammunition as well as special bombs with tilt fuzes to terrify the nazis during assassinations.

Also she’ll answer to a captain much like hesh, reznov and woods from the call of duty series and will have a special handie talkie and earpiece so create 3rd person versions of these campaigns and include your own x-Ray kill cam versions of the limb severing and gruesome deaths

Posted 1 year ago

 Take a page out of call of duty world at war’s book by having separate campaigns in the Pacific as elite Alamo scouts and the eastern front as spetsnaz and a sniper.

Aim to really illustrate the horrors of war every weapon should have its own x-ray mode that you’ve done so well before and slow motion kill cam and have varying degrees of damage all with blood spurting.  Pistols  and SMGs would leave entry and exit wounds while rifles, lmgs, launchers shotguns, shoulder fired weapons, antitank rifles and explosives would sever limbs and decapitate enemies who would die slowly and painfully screaming as their stumps gush blood in brutal new animations.  The same would apply to the stabbing  chopping and slicing animations for the new spetsnaz machete and kabar style nr-40 knife

The nazis would be more dangerous than ever as well due to the new weapons including all of these which players will have access to also

 as snipers with antitank rifles, antitank gunners, and light machine gunners would attack as soon as they spot you and on sniper  missions where you’re joined by a tank or other armour vehicle it will be essential to provide covering fire to it and advancing troops like in bauer’s prison escape during sniper elite 3 to prevent them from being wiped out quickly.

Sniper duels will require patience as they were known to take days so Natalya’s stealth and tracking skills will be put to the test which is where her new longbow and compound bow will come in and so use the links from the previous tomb raider video to demonstrate her deadliness 

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