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Posted 2 years ago

 Nk44ab has a LOT of great ideas, but on some I couldn't disagree more. Like rjdriver, I play Sniper Elite for the single player sniper experience. If you want to play Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty/Battlefield games then go do it. Sniper Elite is THE BEST sniper game in the genre, and that's why I play. Why would I sneak around, set traps or relocate after a single shot if I could just take out a whole platoon of Nazi's with a tank or helicopter? Or command my squad of support characters to do the same? No way - the game works, the system works, don't mess with it. I HATE playing deathmatch because I'm always getting raped by a person running around using melee on everyone - and for that reason I play "distance king" - I think that's the soul of this game. Sniper Elite is about controlling the battlefield, slowing it down to YOUR pace and setting traps for enemies, not trying to "keep up" with twitch FPS style play.

Also agree with rjdriver, I wish you could climb/jump a LITTLE higher, so you could escape enemies by getting vertical, or gain elevation quickly when relocating. But I don't want the game to turn into "Assasins Creed" either.  I understand that a small change to the system means BIG changes to the game, and could have untold repercussions in multiplayer when people figure out you can get to some impossible game-breaking place by jumping/climbing.  I just feel like it's silly to be able to climb a yellow pipe 30 feet long but NOT be able to get up on top of a farm shed with an 8 foot wall :D 

My only complaint is that I spent most of the SE 4 campaign sneaking - I killed more enemies with a supressed pistol than I did my rifle. What I love most about this game is being able to set up extreme distance shots, or multiple kills, environmental kills with a trap or rock. It's fun to sneak up on an enemy and melee them from behind, or set up an elaborate trap or distraction, but for me nothing beats a perfectly timed shot between two trees or into the window of a moving vehicle at extreme range.  Just like I don't want this game to become GTA5 or Battlefield, I don't want this game to become "Metal Gear Solid" either. If you want to up the difficulty, how about let the AI soldiers persue you INDEFINITELY if you raise an alarm, or provoke them into a yellow "search" status. At least on a harder difficulty setting. Once they start searching for you, they never stop or relax?

Like CarcanoSniper said: "Other than that, it's all nitpicking" :D

Posted 2 years ago

 I'd love to see Karl chipping in at the Battle of Berlin.  That would be cool. Pacific would be cool too.  Rebellion has many options.  I would also like to see what Mother Hen looks like....

Posted 2 years ago

...  I would also like to see what Mother Hen looks like....

      Agreed, and would like her to play a somewhat bigger role in the game .  Have Karl wear an earpiece and carry a radio so he won't have to find one to call in an air strike, and so Mother Hen can occasionally contact during missions, instead of just at the beginning, him with critical info,  new objectives that suddenly arise, warn him of potential ambushes, etc.    

     Give her a little personality and let her be more of a companion than just a voice over the air.    I'm not saying they should be in contact conversation, just once in a while when necessary.  If handled right it could add an interesting new element to the game, while still maintaining the single lone sniper feeling that makes the game what it is.

Posted 2 years ago


I would like the next sniper elite 5 to portray the indigenous wars In the eighteenth century the Guarani War occurs in southern Brazil, where the Indians fought against the Spanish and Portuguese, refusing to change territory. There were other wars in the northeast as in the sixteenth century, when the general government of Bahia declared war on the Tupinambás and formed a solid alliance with the Tupiniquins, thus obtaining strong territorial protection against invasions with, one might say, a practically indigenous army. with typical tragedies and more combat with weapons of the times So one can conclude that there have been many battles and wars between tribes and between natives and Europeans. and it would be a great idea to see beautiful trages of their presonagens in the forests of the Brazilian Amazon. with special foliage camouflage

Posted 2 years ago

In SE5 I'd like to see increased realism, both physically and in ballistics.

For the physical: I shot a guy in the head that via the X-ray had completely hollowed out his head, but afterward it looks like he just passed out. An example:  In the beginning of Saving Private Ryan, they just made it to the wire, Hanks spoke or looked at a guy, few seconds later he rolled him over and there was no face, jaw, or forehead (hollowed out). I was half expecting that kind of realism after I saw the X-ray but was disappointed.

My dad is 'Nam vet (196th LIB) and he loved the realism of Saving Private Ryan when it first came out. He felt if people could better understand the fear, the horror, and the intense stress on the mind, emotions, spirit, and body that fewer folk would rush to have war.

For ballistics: The bullet rarely travels in a straight line after meeting resistance. Have the round alter course after striking bone, a button, the canteen, etc would be nice. Even a slow-mo of it entering the body, just grazing the right femur and altering its course into the pelvis or through the leg striking the other femur.

Another example was during deer season. A doe was running straight at my dad when he shot her in the head with a 405+ grain .45-70 Gov't round.  He didn't kill her, but actually knocked her out temporarily. The way the deers skull curves or angles back actually deflected that massively heavy bullet up into the air.

Cabela's big game hunter has an X-ray mode that also shows bullet deviation  and a bullet graph charting the caliber, weight, muzzle energy, velocity, and bullet drop over distance.   That'd be nice to have as well.


Posted 2 years ago

Blood should be another added in. I know we have bleeding out, but they just lay on the ground. You shoot a guy in the upper arm and hit the artery he should be able to take cover to bandage up or have an ally bandage him or he returns fire while bleeding till there's lull for him to bandage. A bullet missing the artery but shattering or splintering the bone could cut the artery. I guess you'd have to work the physics of the bone, how it breaks, shatters, splinters based on the angle, energy, velocity, weight, and how deformed the bullet is when it struck the bone.

Crippling shots: A low spinal shot or the nerve in the arm or leg being severed. They could still pose a danger to the player.

Having the actual caliber, weights, velocity, and performance of the bullet with pros and cons too. You can cheat by taking enemy ammo to resupply.

Doing field surgery on yourself like in Metal Gear 3. It would be interesting seeing where the bullets ended up in ya lol.

A kill cam with instant playback. Also so you can save the kill, change the speed, zoom, angle, etc. I guess a kill cam editor? We do get some wild WTF kills and wish to play around and share the footage.  Perhaps during the kill footage and several seconds after, if you hit this button it'll keep you in the kill cam or take you back to it so you can rewind it and go over it to see if you want to keep it to brag with or to just see that amazing shot again.

Of course having an on-off switch for all the above so we can get what we want and leave out what we don't. Ability to adjust the size of and position of the ballistics graph during the kill cam, some what it small so they can get the most out of the kill footage, others might want it to be translucent on the bottom third of the screen.

An actual functioning scope with windage, and elevation markers so we don't have to use the Lung feature most of the time.

steel core bullet it still tumbles, alters, etc), and enhanced x-ray to see all the damage and bullet travel.

Thank you for your time and the opportunity to share ideas to make SE5 more of a one of a kind, interesting, and edgy. If you guys don't someone else definitely will. Do a fundraiser if need be to help research and develop all that difficult stuff.


Posted 2 years ago

I think that the Norwegian or Finnish theatres of war would provide interesting missions and terrain with the resistance included additionally you could include Adolf Hitlers escape to Argentina via the Antarctic which would be interesting. The Balkans with Greece would also be good along with already suggested Pacific   

Posted 2 years ago

 Line of sight radio comms technology would be very limited in the 40s. I strongly doubt any players would believe a story of a guy walking around with a headset and very heavy large radio sniping nazis in the 40s.  In Iraq while serving with the US Army, we lost line of sight all the time with comms and had limited ability to utilize satcomm radios.  Also, special operations of this kind would demand absolute secrecy, and encryption wasnt nearly as advanced at the time.  Mother Hen is nice but this game needs to keep the isolated feeling it currently has. Karl gets briefed and executes the mission. There is no option to contact mother hen on secure frequencies  so comms are limited to outgoing emergency captured enemy radios.  

Sniper Elite 5 needs a windage adjustment. It currently  has a range adjustment  from left to right. Change the zoom to a different button and add wintage as up/down. To truly zero a rifle this is needed. Add mils to the compass.  If we're going all out lets do this.

Posted 2 years ago

 I give a idea for Sniper Elite 5: Sniper Elite 5 is set in China 1945, in the immediate aftermath of the events in Sniper Elite V2.  Japanese plans to wage Operation Cherry Blossoms at Night which was biological warfare upon civilian population centers in Southern California in the United States during the final months of World War II, using pathogens created by members of Ishii's Unit 731.

Karl Fairburne is sent to China to help Republic of China to against Japanese, destroy the plan of Operation Cherry Blossoms, and assassinate Japanese general and Japanese scientist who take in charge this operation.

Posted 2 years ago

 What would a Soviet Spetsnaz Naval Commando team fight like I hear you ask well in terms of hand to hand combat use these videos to build a new melee system

Alternatively you may decide to explore Marine Raiders or Frogmen in the Pacific in which case use these videos for techniques they can use in various scenarios

And pay particular attention to the hand to hand combat section of this video which shows techniques for new weapons like the snatchet

For an example of how a team based open world in the USSR, the Pacific or occupied France would look use this and model the experience on it with ww2 equivalents of the vehicles and equipment while swapping the rebels for Soviet partisans or Filipino guerrillas who will along with your intel officer contact you on radios in vehicles and around the map

This will keep the story action flowing rather than being broken into chapters,

Stash weapons both firearm and melee, parts for full customisation of each weapon and supplies like medicine, fuel and food to tag for the partisans unlocking new ways for them to help from delivering better vehicles, setting up ambushes and acting as backup in a fight.

Posted 2 years ago

 Shouldn’t Karl have an AI controlled spotter in some levels?

Since there normally the boss in sniper team he could be a higher rank contrast to Karl and would help by using special optics and then mentioning an enemy’s ranges and distance so Karl can adjust his scope accordingly.

Think how Karl would survive solo by finding safe spots like his sniper nests or remaining camouflaged, still and silent to rest eat rations for stamina, avoid detection and gather intelligence.

He could take photographs for intelligence purposes to supplement maps and blueprints so a dossier/file is available for consultation on enemies and locations 

Posted 2 years ago

Pacific Theater would be great for sure. One obvious mission would navigating a series of Japanese tunnels on Okinawa or Iwo Jima, stealth-killing and tossing grenades into enemy pillboxes as you go. That said, my guess is that you Rebellion guys being English makes you a bit bias toward the European theater. I mean, obviously many Brits (and Aussies and Kiwis) served in the Pacific Theater, but I can see how you'd prefer to focus on European enemies, given their existential threat to the UK. I wouldn't hate a Stalingrad or other eastern front-focused game, but walking around a burned out city and crawling through rubble sounds an awful lot like SE2. You'd really have to differentiate the two games to avoid criticism. 

Meanwhile, a few minor gripes:

-- For the love of all things holy, please have Karl stop saying "This might come in handy" and "I think that's everything" every time he picks something off a dead enemy, and "Jackpot!" every time he diffuses one of his own explosives. It gets sooooooo repetitive. 

-- I've noticed a bug in the DLCs where the yellow path of an about-to-be-thrown grenade puts it about 20 yards away, however when it's thrown it falls at my feet due to interference from some graphical element, like part of a wall, or a palm frond. To be clear, the path of the grenade clearly shows it landing far away, but when it's thrown it lands at my feet. 

-- [SHAMELESS PLUG WARNING] You need more period music in the game and you need to hire my company to source and license it for you. We're called Brandracket and we do all the music for the Fallout games (which as you know is period music from the 30s through 50s). Check us out here.

Can't wait for SE5 - wherever it's set - and 6 and 7 and....

Posted 2 years ago

 Please make every wall, fence, hedge, etc. jumpable, and every taller wall, fence, small building, roof top, etc. climbable that the character should logically be able to do based on his height.

Posted 2 years ago

" There have been a lot of cool suggestions here, but if this becomes a squad based tactical game in the future where it's necessary to control other AI, I won't be buying it.  There are enough games like that out there now.  SE is very enjoyable as a single player sniper experience, and it should stay that way."  

A million times, this.


Posted 2 years ago


>>>Mother Hen is nice but this game needs to keep the isolated feeling it currently has. Karl gets briefed and executes the mission. There is no option to contact mother hen on secure frequencies  so comms are limited to outgoing emergency captured enemy radios.<<<

That's fine, and a good example of the more portable comm equipment available at the time, admittedly bulky, but that could be carried in a back pack.  Mother Hen couldn't be too far away even for the tabletop unit, and if enough maps are near water, line of sight wouldn't be a major issue if she were on a support ship nearby.  I agree about the isolated feeling.  That's part of the suspense factor and adds to the atmosphere.  I'm not talking about constant communication, just a bit more often that only at mission start.

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