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Posted 2 years ago

If or when next sniper elite 5 come i have idea for the game! I like to see eastern front maybe stalingrad to gates of berlin and soviet point of view maybe even female sniper main character!!! Red army served lot of womens and even snipers. Also sniper elite 4 have playable soviet female sniper on multi player maybe she could even be the next main character!?

Posted 2 years ago

 Stalingrad would be a really fun setting for sniper levels, especially after the Nazi invasion. Bombed out factories full of hiding places, tight city streets with fallen warplanes and crumbling buildings for some SMG and mine-trapping fun, and wider open levels like train yards and river crossings. Kinda feels like you could just do "Enemy At The Gates: The Game" and have Vasily Zaytsev as the main character tho :)

Posted 2 years ago

 I would like to see a game based around the Pacific theater next time. Tropical settings on Pacific Islands, creeping around in dense foliage ( like the "Confrontation" level in Sniper Elite 3 DLC). Also you could do defense type levels where Karl (or whoever) helps defend the beach from invading troops, or fights alongside infantry with lots of scripted events and explosions going on all around. There's the opportunity for night levels as well, either creeping around in the jungle dispatching patrols or defending the sleepy lookouts from a mid-night infantry charge. The muzzle flashes in the dark would look EVEN BETTER in HDR *wink wink*

Most importantly, I'd like to see some levels in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. A lot of people probably don't know the Japanese invaded there as well. Icy coastal regions with Japanese gun turret sites to disable, steep mountainsides with rocks to hide behind as you advance uphill...Finally a reason to break out the all-white white ghillie suit! You could also do it as a DLC, I just think it would be fun to be able to fight in the tropics AND the Arctic in the same game :)

Posted 2 years ago

 I think that the Eastern Front would be an awesome setting but even better than being a lone operative would be making the player part of a Spetsnaz Naval Commando team starting in 1941 with Operation Barbarossa.  The Nazis would be tougher to beat as the USSR's best officers will have been killed during Stalin's purges so the Spetsnaz starting from scratch would mirror the condition of the armed forces as a whole with commanders afraid to take initiative and instead clearing everything with superiors.  The hand to hand combat system would be a mixture of Systema and Sambo and players would have more melee weapons courtesy of cold steel like Smatchets (think of a Roman Gladius) and tomahawks for use in wooded areas to make short work of enemies chopping off limbs and knives like Bowies ka-bars and boot knives or even ice picks for assassination missions.

The Nazis will be supremely overconfident at first but as winter sets in and battles like Stalingrad slow them they'll lose their will to continue and will even start questioning their propaganda when faced with committing atrocities like mass executions.  The player will also have to decide how lenient to be with their squad as keeping the support of civilians will be crucial for recruiting partisans and motivating conscripts.  Vehicles will now be available to pilot, drive and sail for everything from reconnaissance to assaults and quic raids.  Propaganda broadcasts will blare out encouragement and news of Nazi war crimes to keep troops motivated and performing good deeds will be part of side missions such as helping evacuees and refugees find willing neighbors to take them in or helping them flee the carnage via railways, airports and ports into neighbouring countries.  As the war progresses giant tank battles like Kursk will allow players to command tanks and the game will see the largest variety of each type of weapons from each country seen in previous instalments 

Posted 2 years ago

 I don't much care where it is, as long as the levels are fun to play - and by that I mean a good balance of size, long sightlines and enemy composition.

What I do care about are things I have been complaining about since Sniper Elite 3 released, namely (in no particular order):

  • A better way to see where your bullet struck in really long range shots;
  • A wind indicator bar that is useful and visible even on dark/black backgrounds;
  • Crosshairs that are actually useful for gauging both horizontal and vertical bullet deviation due to wind - and are visible on dark/black backgrounds - I'm sorry, but I really cannot understand why this has never been addressed, just make a thin white line around wind indicator and crosshairs so people can see it in night levels. How difficult could that be? And what would be the harm?
  • More options to customize the HUD and what is shown on the map, including every single HUD element on/off; tagging/timed tagging/non-wall-hack tagging; objective locations/rough objective locations
  • An Authentic difficulty that actually feels authentic in regards to enemy health - not really authentic taking a Rifle round to the chest three times, getting back up, then getting insta-killed by a killcam shot to the forearm.
  • And in general, it would be really, really nice, if the darn AI would not yell "Sniper!" if a truck explodes 100m away from them by stealthy means.

What I also care about are issues I had with SE4:

  • I want a return to the upgrade system of SE3, not the non-reversible upgrades of SE4. Putting the upgrade parts as collectibles was much better - and hey, you could offer those as mini-transactions for the lazy, but only for Single Player - but more importantly, you had choice. Of course, an upgraded version of the SE3 system would be even better.
  • More extreme range sniper rifles: SE4's Mosin was the best weapon for long-range sniping, highest zoom, highest muzzle velocity, good damage. In all the DLC packs, there was not a single weapon that compared. Not one. There were many different mid-range rifles, semi and bolt action, even a few "short range" rifles, but for the really long shots, there was only one. That sucked.
  • I really liked the timed explosives of SE3 (flint + TNT), I wish that would come back.

Posted 2 years ago

 have the game set in Japan. Tweak AI so that the whole map of enemies doesn' come to you on a silver platter one by one! Other than that , it's all nitpicking



Posted 2 years ago

 We really appreciate the suggestions/ideas guys. Keep them coming!

Posted 2 years ago

 I would most definitely enjoy a Sniper Elite 5 game that would allow you to play from the Axis point of view. As what I mean is that it would let you play on the Eastern or Western front as a German Scharfschütze or Jager or an Italian Marksman. This would really lighten the mood for me and all others who have been wishing upon the day that we would be able to play as the Axis Powers in a video game. I was also thinking of different snipers like Simo Hayha(White Death), and being able to play as him on the Finnish Frontline in the 1930's to 40's. 


Posted 2 years ago

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Posted 2 years ago

 I have only one suggestion:   

Please make every wall, fence, hedge, etc. jumpable, and every taller wall, fence, small building, roof top, etc. climbable that the character should logically be able to do based on his height.

This has been the main frustrating part of playing the game for me.  And every time I think I have it figured out (OK that stone wall can be jumped over, but that wooden fence that's the exact same height cannot) I hit a snag.   Was playing Deathstorm 2 again last night, and tried to jump over one of the low hedges in the courtyard in front of the main building where Galvani is, and could not jump it.  I ran further along the *same* hedge attempting to jump every few yards and eventually found a spot (same height) that was jumpable.  There was no way to tell them apart that I could see.  One section had the attribute and the others did not.

I know this is a small point in an otherwise really great game, but its usually encountered in a situation where I am running for cover after being spotted, so its annoying.   

Posted 2 years ago

 Several things would rock a sequel starting with making the characters deeper and more real  in every way.  A-list actors actors and directors would do this.  This would also mean adding top scriptwriters for a deeper story as well that players really invest in on all levels.

The sequel should be totally open world seeing players Spetsnaz team on one disc travel across the territory Red forces covered during ww2 from 1939-45 on one disc.  

Meanwhile on a second disc players select from one of the elite Allied special operations forces in the also open world of the Pacific recreating their various missions and the importance of the partisans and guerrillas who helped them coordinate these operations.

Great martial arts instructors could bring to life a wider range of melee weapons and attacks for both Axis and allied forces making the hand to hand encounters truly life and death struggles.

The same could be done with vehicle experts to help give a sense of each available vehicles strength and weaknesses so players know what will work in each environment.  This will also include a dynamic weather system showing how troops and vehicles adapted or broke down if the wrong ones are chosen for the missions and environment.

On a separate topic Dunkirk would've made a great unlockable secret map for Sniper Elite 4 and would be an awesome update.

Posted 1 year ago

 I think it would be cool if you could have an open world experience where you play as a head of a squad of Chindits by adapting books like War in the Wilderness and as an Alamo Scout team leader by adapting books like Shadows in the Jungle.

You could really have a detailed and diverse setting from mountains to villages, jungles and beaches with players getting visibly dirty and being able to remain inconspicuous through using different uniforms and facepaint to blend in or gain the psychological edge over the enemy.

Treatment of civilians Allies POWs and internees could be explored as well as life under occupation compared to liberation and being rescued.

For an Eastern Front setting you could explore the chilling parallels between life under both Nazism and Stalinism from the use of purges of the military, the role of the Gestapo and NKVD, antisemitism, treatment of disabled people, women, non Aryans and non Russians.

The player could be based on Viktor Leonov and the player's experience as the head of a squad of Soviet Naval Commandos could be adapted from the book Blood on the Shore while the arsenal of small and heavy arms, melee weapons and vehicles needs to be enormous to help and encourage exploration and customisation of loadout 

Posted 1 year ago

 I posted on a similar thread and rebellion facebook. I think recreating the Heroes of Telemark, Norway fits with the series.

Small commando unit, blow up heavy water plant, escape across miles of snowy mountains chased by hundreds of Germans. Your job is to protect the rear of the escape holding up the chasing units with traps and long range kills.

Posted 1 year ago

Change the entire look sound and feel of the entire game by making it a Ghost Recon style squad based tactical stealth experience so that orders can be issued to three other AI teammates who could alternatively be controlled by other players.  Look for tons of new vehicles, equipment and weapons break them down into light medium and heavy categories with the help of military, weapons and hand to hand combat experts for use in the open worlds of the Pacific and Eastern Fronts.

Think how in or out of vehicles players will be experts at navigating, traversing and exploring on land, sea and air.

Do detailed research into both theatres mentioned above and let it show in the types of special ops and unconventional forces and warriors operating in them, whether they're Partisans/guerrillas, Spetsnaz Naval Commandos, Chindits or Alamo Scouts among others and how they worked together against the enemy.

This will help when looking for ways to avoid the enemy as the guerrillas and partisans knowledge of the terrain will be able to show and guide players along stealthy routes to stay hidden and great spots for coordinating ambushes, observing and spying on enemies to gain information.  

Any information or observations they and other teammates provide will appear on players maps.

Also the firing ranges from previous games could be part of and based on famous bigger training camps/bases for learning the various new skills required and that the game will include to improve players' attributes like stamina, endurance, conditioning, strength and speed so they can move faster and hit harder for longer without getting tired easily.

The longer they use particular weapons vehicles or characters the better they'll perform and more proficient with them encouraging players to invest time in customising them.

Posted 1 year ago

 There have been a lot of cool suggestions here, but if this becomes a squad based tactical game in the future where it's necessary to control other AI, I won't be buying it.  There are enough games like that out there now.  SE is very enjoyable as a single player sniper experience, and it should stay that way.  

What I would not mind is if the player character had radio contact with Mother Hen at all times, so that she could occasionally talk to Red Fox *during* missions instead of just at the start, directing him to hot spots where immediate attention was needed, or warn him of potential ambushes, or any number of other original scenarios.  He could still do the mission objectives in any order he likes, but having constant radio contact with headquarters could add new elements to the game that are not available now.

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