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Small update 21/02/2017



Posted 2 years ago

Quick update now.  The bigger ones will follow.

Patch notes :

- Fix potential crashes on Load Game (or Continue Campaign)

Posted 2 years ago

What about the weapons and character packs that was just released for PC? When will it come to PS4?

Posted 2 years ago

  I am level 50 but I loose all abilities, campaign progress and my rifles are bloqued but I don't loose my statistics and levels. Please somebody answer me and please rebellion send the actualization

It's like I've 'prestiged' but without any benefits. I have all weapons locked and no way of unlocking anything as I am max rank.

Please send a update to correct this bug

Posted 2 years ago

 So what about the inclusion of that 2D scope view when playing in 3D to make playing the game in 3D even playable? I've seen that mentioned around here, somewhere. Where you just can't aim when playing in 3D.

Now, I don't know about you, but not being able to aim in a game about, well, good aim, seems... troublesome. If only you had known about this issue before, or knew a way how to fix it, like, from a previous installment of the series.

But really, what are the chances that two consecutive games in a series have the same fundamental issue completely overlooked at launch? I mean it's not like you fixed the issue in the previous installment and then strangely seemed to forget about it when making the new game...

And while you're at it, either make the binoculars crosshairs in 3D render at the same distance as what you are looking at or make it 2D, as well.

I swear, it feels that nobody even tested the games in 3D. And definitely not without the aim assist.

Posted 2 years ago

 There seems to be something wrong with the leaderboards. For competitive MP overall I was in the top 100 one night and the next day I was in 900. Don't know if it is a glitch or just people playing it lots! Other friends have mentioned it and one said they got infinite XP for one game. Hope this helps as it is a great game.

Posted 2 years ago

 Hi rebellion , like all of us who enjoy your game. Thank you for creating a game that the community as a whole have so much passion for, whilst like many i myself have played the game since the early day of sniper elite 1, progressing into 2, 3 and as of its release  SE4. 

I have spend a massive amount of time over the years playing all manour of games you guys make so well. 

I meet so many great players through SE4, even more as a result of SE4. 


 Tonight your update has caused a great deal of prblems to many of us, persnally i have lost all my load outs and campaign data , such a great shame. I read on your forums that you wish to thank your fans and for there support, yet this also happend on SE3 as well as numous other shocking things like clear violations regarding hacking. I had my reseves about buying SE4 after all the broken updates on SE3, i know many very experienced, 'gamers' who contacted you in vain to bring this to your attention over the years, only for us all to be ignored? 

I myself and over 200 players have never had a single answer back regarding any of the isues be have brought to your attention over the years. Honestly guys we just want to all play and enjoy your  sucess and  grow with you in yet more games. 

Please can you fix the latest update problems that have clearly happend  as a result of its download last night 21st feb 2017.   



Posted 2 years ago

 Small update? 21st feb 2017 ? 

Like another player above i am lvl 50 with a vast amount unlucked. Or at least i did have until i completed the last challenge on the furher mission, only to see my screen go blank and be returned to the very 1st moment following the game release i little over a week ago?   I have heard of other bugs such as 30X XP every second of a 20 munite multiplayer match this afternoon? This may explain why the presious leader boards are in such termoil and why myself incleded like hundreds others have been pushed thousand  fold down tnd score board. 

So i quote" a small update' 

I dont think iwant to see one of yor big updates? 

Regards eegamd

Posted 2 years ago

 You mean your friends that cheat such as Sean, Alan, etc oh and not to mention you cheat as well. 

Posted 2 years ago

 ^^^ that's to my biscuits you know am right 

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