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I have a IDEE! New Game Option : CROSS MODE

Posted 3 years ago

 One Idee!

They always favor those who love camp way, because I always wanted to make higher... higher levels, but so should their number (player16, 8vs8) be increased or high levels leave a singleplay this.The v2 map planning was the best, it was small, it was a great map, these are in turn passing the 12 player. Because of the large one was too big. What would happen if you cross lovers something done of.

The idea came nocross mode. Since the very, very few of the maps and 12 people. Maybe it's just a track that is passing is this style. Marina is the best map because the game is not too big.

At the moment,  control point mode to pass this cross mode.I suppose if you come later game modes, CTF will have to be well.So I think these are superfluous, however, these big maps.What if, as the nocross mode shut down the map. Two teams side. Is an option on cross the respective maps would be smaller.Smaller places to go in the match.Compound Course example, could go only in the baracks, it is good to have only headshoot mode, ctf, tdm, control point..... Many times it occurred. The control point mode. Completely different from shot. Not dealt with the man occupying the radio.If you do not want to close with barbed wire. It could be as Battlefield. If you leave the field. Do you have 5-8 seconds to come back and you do not even need the barbed wire. Paint it gray. the part where you can not go and that's it.

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