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An Idea for a DLC weapon pack

Posted 3 years ago

  First off I have to say congrats to you guys at rebellion for creating an awesome game in Sniper Elite 4. The new features combined with the much larger level size are great. As for my idea, when I looked through the weapons, including the future dlc one's we already see, I saw the staple guns of the series with a few that are new but behave staticistacially for the most part similar to one of the Staple guns like the springfield, kar98k, G43, M1 garand, and the Mosin.  I would like to say though that I see an opportunity for some amazing guns to be in this game that would be fresh to the series. 

      I see a window for the first antitank/antipersonel rifles such as the PTRS 41 to get into the game in their truest and most devastating form.  Gameplaywise these rifles could play as the tool of the dedicating long range sniper, with extreme muzzle velocities, and a damage amount that should one hit kill an enemy solider with a hit ANYWHERE on them, and perhaps be even able to outright kill tanks as was their primary role in WW2. The X ray camera has the capability to show the carnage these 14.5mm rounds inflict to human targets. Before the army of that's overpowered unleashes itself here, allow me to tell you why it won't be if implemented properly.

     The suppressed round mechanic is on the whole a genius feature, but for both reasons of realism and balance should not apply to these rifles, just as the webly revolver can't be suppressed. This forces the shooter to soundmask each shot, or be extremely on guard with isolated and relocated single shots.  On top of this, the deafening blast of such a rifle should be heard from farther away than others by the enemy AI, perhaps even double the range of the standardized rifles in game. This would really force the player to think carefully about firing the beast of a gun. Another factor to balance this gun type in the game against other rifles is that both the reload time and kick would be atrocious compared to literally everything else. This is a rifle that should have a 2.5 to 3 second recenter time on the sight after a shot at the minimum, and the reload of it's 5 round magazine would be at least double the other 5 rounders in the game if not more. This makes it a rifle of choice for a single well aimed shot, with less drop and wind compensation than the other rifles, but HORRID for multiple targets or to be sprayed after a miss. 

      I suggest this as a legit fresh and new idea for the series, and not a dlc re-release of guns that have already been in previous games or guns otherwise extremely similar statistically. Congrats again on a great game, and I hope you guys give this idea some thought. 

                                                                                                      Happy Hunting!

Posted 3 years ago

 While I would love to see high-caliber anti-armor rifles in SE4, I'm gonna have to rain on your parade a little bit here.

My first point: The PTRS and PTRD series of rifles could not be scoped. They were used with irons only, and the reason for this was simple: The round was so powerful, the rifles would knock scopes out of calibration with each successive shot. This meant that the only real battlefield application of scoped rifles would be for limited periods, and game-play wise this would be a real killer; either for realism, or for the 'sniping' aspect of the game.

Point two in my powerpoint presentation: The ballistics of the 14.5x115mm round this family of rifles used, while exceedingly powerful, was pretty shit in terms of accuracy. How much this varied based on user/recoil is hard to ascertain, but the fact remains that the PTRS was never used at ranges one would use a normal 'marksman's rifle' in this series.

Third up is somewhat of a double-whammy: This rifle weighed almost fifty pounds, and was eighty-three inches long. It was serviced by a two-man crew, one of which would carry ammo and the barrel, while the other carried the main rifle. Carrying it alone? Forget sprinting, or carrying more ammunition, much less actually shouldering the thing. It is so heavy, and so long, that you would only be able to fire from either prone or steadied on cover. (I highly recommend playing Red Orchestra 2 - it gives a good view of how unwieldy and difficult this rifle really is, even if it somewhat overstates its effectiveness)

And all of this is glossing over the fact that using a 14.5mm round on a human being is much like using a sledgehammer to pound nails. Sure, it'll work, but why the hell would you?

Now trust me when I say that I would love to see the PTRS or even PTRD in the game, truly. But with the current mechanics, implementation beyond it just being a turret somewhere, or a momentary pickup (sorta like the Panzerfoost, mayhaps) wouldn't really be feasible. Not that I would begrudge you either of those things, Devs, if you're listening! (cough cough) There's even a lore-friendly explanation in that the Germans captured many of these rifles and manufactured their own rounds for them! I'M NOT BEGGING I SWEAR.

In any case, I agree that it would be awesome to have something like them in game, I just think that it isn't really in the scope (hah!) of what the game is right now.

Posted 3 years ago

14.5x115mm round

 Ah, it's actually x114. God forgive us our typos.

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