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Sniper Elite 4 Crashing at same spot every time

Posted 3 years ago


Have game on 2 computers and the crash is 100% repeatable.

Shooting explosive charge on the bridge in Regilino Viaduct, to destroy the railway gun.

I have the game installed on a computer with win 7 and a gtx690, and a comp with win 10 and a gtx 970.

The crash is identical, direct to desktop with the dx12 or dx11 crash popup.

I have tried dx11 and 12 on the win10 comp and tried disabling bullet cam and other various graphics tweaks. Both have "game ready drivers"

Still the crash is 100% repeatable.

Any help is appreciated be fore i return on steam.


Posted 3 years ago

 sounds like your graphic's cards need to be upgraded,  I use 1050ti MSI twin frozer card and have had no issues in game runs smooth at a stedy 60fps.

Posted 3 years ago

 lower your settings do not use ultra or high and see if it helps.

Posted 3 years ago

Same here, CTD 100% of the time when shooting satchel charge to destroy the railway gun. It begins to play the cut scene, then crashes at various points during the cut scene. Funny because it looks like that is the exact scene portrayed in the background image on this page... Ahh, irony.  

GTX 1070, 7700HQ, Win 10, GeForce optimized settings. 

Posted 3 years ago

 It's not his graphics card. 



Posted 3 years ago


Can I ask if you have tried verifying your game cache?

If that hasn't worked please contact us at our support page.

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