Sniper Elite 4



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Posted 2 years ago

  Just curious if anybody else e feels they got ripped off when you bought this game? Screen freezes, movement of characters that reminds me of my first video game "Pong" I mean come on this the 4th time and it still sucks. Number 1 was better than this.

Admin, delete me if you wish but you know the truth.

Posted 2 years ago

 Are you on X Box 1?

I have no issues at all like this.

Posted 2 years ago

 Yes Xbox 1, 

No backward or sideways  movement. You literally have to point  in the direction you want to move or even look.

My opinion this game is junk, and no where near worth the 90$ 

Where is the DLC I paid for. let me guess soon to come.

Posted 2 years ago

 I have Xbox One version with DLC and have no problems. Are you using stock controller? Do you utilize any other kind of hard drive with your Xbox? Look at all the other things that influence your playing hardware wise. If everything else is flawless (controller, drive etc.) maybe the disc that was installed is bad. Are you having any other issues with other games? Have you ruled out Xbox problems? The disc, depending on where you got it is warranted. If you downloaded it, try wiping clean than reinstalling. I've run into a few small problems with game but nothing like what you are going through. The worst problem I had was two different screens appeared, the save screen and the main menu plus game screen all at once and it wouldn't let me end game or screen. I had to do a hard reset plus unplugging Xbox to reboot. After that, everything was fine. I hope I helped a little bit.


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