Sniper Elite 4



I'm so confused by the locked items and character selection

Posted 2 years ago

 I bought the season pass and I don't understand why the DLC is locked, like additional weapons and characters. I'm assuming they just aren't released yet, right? But seeing them there makes me feel like I'm not getting them even though I bought the deluxe edition. Why feature them in the base game if they aren't available to be chosen yet? And I wish you could change characters in the main campaign. I get it if one character played is the main protagonist but the second character should be able to choose any character they please. And I hope more females are added into this.

But I do love this game, don't get me wrong.

Posted 2 years ago

 I agree they need to release the dlc guns they show funny thing is you can use them in shooting range! So idk why we have to wait I'd we bought there deluxe or season pass or whatever it's kinda rediulous.

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