Sniper Elite 4



DL Content

Posted 2 years ago

 First off I wanted to congratulate you on an excellent campaign. I've always wanted a game that completely engrosses me in non-stop challenges. I play on both PC and Xbox One and have your prior releases. I've always bought your DL material such as extra rifles, etc. Will any be able to cross over to this campaign? If not, will there be extra rifle packs I can buy by themselves? I already bought the pre-release game but would like to add more rifles without having to spend "boku" bucks? Will that be feasible like it was for 2 & 3? Thanks in advance.


Posted 2 years ago

 I just noticed your press release. Couldn't get into your site yesterday but read today on your press release that you will have downloadable content soon! Thanks very much! Looking forward to it.

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