Sniper Elite 4



Why is there no 2D scope view when playing in 3D? It's impossible to play without Aim Assist!

Posted 3 years ago

 I honestly cannot believe this! After fighting for months, literally, MONTHS after SE3 came out, to get you, Rebellion, to understand that 3D CANNOT work if the Scope is in 3D, too, and not in 2D as it has to be (you only look with one eye through a scope!) you finally patched it in - and it's NOT present in SE4.

You cannot, CANNOT play the game in 3D without a 2D scope view unless you use the aim assist. No Sniper Elite, no Authentic, no custom settings! How, after all this time, after I mentioned this here months ago, how can this essential feature for playing in 3D NOT be present? You patched it into SE3 - why is it not in SE4?

Seriously, I cannot understand it.

If you need a reminder:

I am going to keep pushing this until I get an answer.

I'm sorry, but you KNEW of the issue, you FIXED it in SE3, why would it NOT be in SE4?

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