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Multiplayer bugs and exploits video-reporting thread

Posted 2 years ago

If i was on the dev/test team at rebellion i would consider this helpful input to identify and analyze bugs and problems. Video is really good and easy tool for reporting. So let's do this!

First report below, definitely looks a bit odd. What happened? Was the guy underground? This was detected yesterday on Xbox One version of game.

Posted 2 years ago

 Accidentaly posted this on the Xbox section. Many bugs might be on any platform so good idea to have this on General section instead of here at Xbox section. Please delete.

Feedback: This forum platform is not very good. You can't even delete your own posts?! I liked the previous forums much better, what was a point of this downgrade. It's not only functional downgrade but the SE3 forums were somehow much easier to your eye or something.

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