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Issues on X1

Posted 2 years ago

 Hey guys,

I encountered some issues regarding the collectibles.

The tracker seems like it is not working. If I pick up f.e. a Letter To Home the tracker shows 1/10 although there are only 5 letters in that mission. This happens with all collectibles, the total amount in the tracker seems to be doubled. 

In mission 6 it says in the collectibles menue 9 stone eagles, in the details there are only 8 stone eagles and the description says "Each map includes 3 Deadeye Targets.....". So is this buggy or are there really 9 stone eagles? (I only found 3 so far like in all the missions before).

I hope the achievements are not broken for the collectibles :(

Kind regards,

Posted 2 years ago

 Are you talking about the tracker that is able to be activated in the map screen? The reason I ask is there are 2 ways to check your progress on collectables throughout the game. 1) While playing press pause and your progress will be shown on right side 2) Go to main menu and track collectables through there. The tracker that is activated through the map is different. That is there to assist you on specific tasks that need to be completed. It will also help highlight certain achievements. I hope I helped.

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