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Posted 2 years ago


I've just bought SniperElite4 on Steam today, after having checked all my drivers (GTX 960)

I've installed the game normally BUT... when i launch it for the 1st time hoping to play, sound is OK but I just see the Rebellion logo, then the Sniper Elite 4 logo with the eagle and... back to desktop ! Immediately !

Following the "good" advice of Steam support, i checked the integrity of the files on my HD and now, it just doesn't launch at all !

Thanks for the right solution ! ;-)

Posted 2 years ago

 I have the same problem. Why do they have to make it so hard FFS. 

Posted 2 years ago

 Me ok. But I think that I can give a possible problem that do somebody this fail..

I have gtx 1070 with top ultra and 150% rescaling with 2560x1080 and I launch ok both with old drivers and the new nvidia too.

In game I see yesterday, that in options video I have by default directx 12..etc. And the game let change to directx 11 and others..but I think that only I see "in game options". Now I don't remember if you can change this on the previous window to launch the game, that's let you change options and play.

I think that if someone have win7 or other that no can run directx12, and the game by default put this option will you crash.

Try different options out game and I game options and report to Rebellion all you test and fail with more detail. 

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