Sniper Elite 4



Multiplayer First Impression

Posted 2 years ago

 Not as impressed unfortunately.

Somehow the game feels dumbed down....the 3rd person viewer seems to downwardly focused....the scope flashing seems to be the way to spot everyone so far away....I think SE3's roleout was a significant step forward....this one seems not as significant. Already seeing glitching as some guy was running at light speed jumping all over the place. The maps actually seem smaller than SE3. Not as excited given all the hype....

Posted 2 years ago

Yeah i wasn't gonna buy it, but regrettably did anyway, and i think you're being rather polite. I'm getting my money back from Xbox and buying For Honor. SE 3 is ten times better than this. Only in my view, but there it is. 

Sorry guys, but you have to step it up over there. Your past games were unbelievable, but you struck out on this one. and there's just too many good games coming out to spend money on this. 

Posted 2 years ago

 Logged tons and tons of hours playing capture the flag on SE3 even though that was the first in this series I played I have to say this seems very much like a step backwards from SE3. Some points real quick:

- The scope glint is just a solid flashlight basically and you can't see the persons face through it so headshots are more difficult than it should be.

- The camera is too far from your character.

- The kill cams seem very slow and clunky.

- The maps do seem somehow smaller and there's WAY too many items glowing all around the maps looking like scope glint.

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