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Suggestions for Sniper Elite 5 & feedback [message to developers]

Posted 6 months ago

Hi, I can't wait for the Sniper Elite 5 to come. I love the franchise since the first, and the way it evolved offering more liberty and maps more open.

I saw some nice suggestions from other players (like playing as a soviet in the eastern front), and I have others that I wanted to share :

- Low profile dragging corpses (in the actual games, it's too risky to move corpses because, at least in high difficulties, we are almost always spotted. Being able to drag them in crouch stance will highly improve the stealthy gameplay)

- Option to turn off the heartbeat and breaths sounds when aiming with the scope.

- Add a realistic difficulty mode (the authentic plus from SE4 is amazing, but the enemies are way too bullet sponge. Increasing the damage so one or two bullets can incapacitate or kill,both, the enemies and the player would be nice. Also disable the med-kits and low health filters/sounds).

- Bringing back the bullet wounds holes and improving the non x-ray bullet cam so we can see detailed wounds/gore in real time (in SE4 there is no bullet holes wounds like there was in V2. Please bring them back, if possible improving the non x-ray bullet cam. The x-ray is nice, but I would love to see the effects directly).

- Adding a day night cycle (Norwegian84 suggested this, and I agree. It's a nice idea).

- Letting Karl using disguise, like in the first game (it was nice to be able to infiltrate the front line and to feel very little and vulnerable in a large scale battlefield).

Thanks a lot for all the team for keeping doing the best WW2 sniper simulator games. Take care !


Posted 6 months ago

 Ah, I forgot. Also more realistic gravity and wind mechanics for the realistic difficulty (I'm not an expert, but they are way too high).

Posted 6 months ago

 the next game should fix the partisan and allyed troops fighting alongside the axis .

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