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XBOX ONE - Suppressed Ammunition stops working

Posted 1 year ago

I could have sworn I'd already posted this but the post is gone. I notice the website seems to be in a state of flux/repair?

Anyway, real quick summary.

With GENUINE ATTACHMENTS ON, after a few plays through the suppressed ammo just stops being 'suppressed', or rather its suppression level falls.

At the start of San Celini Island, or the start of Giovi Fiorini Mansion, in AUTHENTIC PLUS, I can usually fire a suppressed round into the air without it alerting any nearby soldiers.

This just stops working.

You wake up all of them, though I not not as many as with a normal round! It's like the game suddenly gets the maths that determines the radius of 'hearability' wrong.

Normally with GENUINE ATTACHMENTS set to ON, you cannot let off a suppressed round near a soldier without them hearing. But you can let it off 50 m away and they won't hear.

This stops working.

I know nobody reads these, and I've sent a (badly formatted) email off to Rebellion and got a polite reply from one of their people, but hey it makes me feel better.

Oh yes - tried staring game from scratch, clearing XBOX ONE cache (you pull the power cable OUT of the back and leave it out for a while, that is a direct instruction from Microsoft's site btw), and deleting all my savegames.

No joy. Suppressed ammo just stops working.

The odd thing?

If I retry enough times - as in restart the mission enough times - it suddenly starts working. And I can save it working to a savegame and then so long as I use that savegame suppressed ammo still works.

Why is that odd?

See the clearing paragraph above!

It implies the bug is attached to a corruption in the game config itself, yet it is capable of attaching itself to savegames.

I'll leave that for the developers.

Anyway, an Amazing game. I'm on level ... 52 or 53, I forget, about a 3rd of the way to the next level.

I have played it right through on Authentic Plus (not quite, i skipped the 8th map once I had conquered the outdoor part, as I find the interior quite boring). But now I play through on Custom, with everything set to Authentic Plus except the HUD (set to Authentic so I can see hits), and with GENUINE ATTACHMENTS set to OFF so that suppressed ammo works - that's a shame because it means the suppressed ammo now has no 'slight noise'challenge, and it also means the scope is no longer Authentic Plus and I really enjoyed the challenge of longshots with it.

All the best.

Posted 6 months ago

 So! LOL

Turns out it's the other way around!

What I've found is a bug where suppressed ammo drops Authentic Attachments behaviour.

What is supposed to happen with Authentic Attachments on is that suppressed ammo is loud! Damn loud!

It's just not as loud as normal ammo - it takes the enemies longer to triangulate your position, and they have to be closer to do so at all.

The bug is kinda handy sometimes. It's nice to get it to invoke and have artificially silent suppressed ammo, but have to use Authentic Plus scoping - nice challenge! On Giovi Fiori Mansion I managed to get both Minimal Casualties = 2 ! and Death From Afar, in the same game, thanks to it! The best I've done with it functioning correctly is  Death From Afar and Minimal Casualties at about 7 dead.

What a game!

The best thing I've ever played (so far).

Posted 6 months ago - edited 6 months ago by dirt

In  authentic suppressed ammo are only suppressed if you are more than 50m from any enemy

 if you are less than 50 m away they will hear you

Posted 6 months ago

In  authentic suppressed ammo are only suppressed if you are more than 50m from any

 if you are less than 50 m away they will hear you

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