Sniper Elite



Scope not working

Posted 1 year ago

 I'd like to know why my guy can no longer look through the scope of the sniper rifle when the game is called sniper elite 4 meaning that's the main concept of the game? I've seen quite a few posts about others having this problem & getting blamed by the creators of the game accusing them of not fully pushing L2. I have a regular PS4 controller that doesn't have a setting to stop L2 at half pushed. If the creators of this game give me that same response instead of finding a way to fix it through an update then I'll be more than happy to reach of to Playstation themselves & inform them of a faulty game being sold on their platforms where the game creators have no intention of fixing the error. Then we'll see how quick it gets pulled from Playstation & everyone that bought the game gets refunded 



Posted 1 year ago

 The issue isn't so much that the trigger isn't being pushed down fully, it's that PS4 controllers can develop faulty triggers that can't be pushed down fully. This won't affect most games where L2 doesn't have different functions depending on how far it is pushed.

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