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Direct X 11 Sniper Elite 4

Posted 1 year ago

 I bought sniper elite 4 when it first came out i purchased the disk version and was enjoying the game so much, but after a few months of playing my pc updated from windows 8.1 to this windows 10 version, and since then ive not been able to play the game because it says about having direct X 11 installed on my PC along with it says that my version of windows is not correct either for the game to work.

How can i now get this game to work on my PC, i have tried numerous wayts to get it to work, and just do not get how SE 3 works fine but SE4? can anyone please tell me how i can make this game work, as steam support has not been helpful at all.


JF-SC clan.



Posted 1 year ago

Hmm, please can you submit a support ticket to us if you haven't already? We can then investigate this problem with you.

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