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Lorino Dockyards glowing blue machines?

Posted 4 months ago


As I'm playing the Lorino Dockyards mission on my Xbox One, there are a couple strange glowing blueish machines on the second floor of a warehouse building on the way to the armory.  A sniper tries to shoot you through  open doors of this second floor.  There is a generator on this floor.  There is another glowing blueish machine on the first floor of a building where the Panzer Tank is doing its circles.  These are not supposed to be blue according to watching YouTube videos of people playing this level.  Anyone else running into this strange bug on their Xbox One copy?  It sticks out like a sore thumb and doesn't belong in the game obviously.  Can this get a fix patch?

Posted 3 months ago

 I've seen them too. I thought it was something I was supposed to see. I tried interacting, shooting, and blowing them up. Then I did a search and found this. A glitch! Doh!

Posted 2 months ago

 Yes I have those weird blue machines too in that very same place! I'm also on Xbox One.

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