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DLC idea for SE5

Posted 8 months ago

 Just wanted to pass along some feedback / a thought regarding the DLC for SE5.... Because there is always a "Target: Fuhrer" mission....

I think a great “Assassinate Hitler“ DLC would be following up on the crazy idea/rumor that he could’ve escaped Berlin in the final weeks and fled to Argentina with his personal guard. The OSS could send Karl to South America in 1946 at the behest of Winston Churchill (who actually DID send an SAS team to in investigate) to follow up on rumors of Hitler sightings in a small village way up in the mountains of southern Argentina. It would be a great alt-history / “what if” plausible-history scenario. Takes the game out of the typical theater of war, and somewhere new in the same time period... I think this fun alt-history scenario would be right at home as a Target: Fuhrer DLC... what IF the body the Russians found in Berlin was one of his doubles, and Hitler HAD escaped... and it was up to Karl to track him down on the other end of the world?

Sidenote: Topography would be similar to Germany in southern Argentina, and there were a LOT of Nazis that escaped there, so Hitler could have a massive number of guards (in plain clothes) that you would have to discern whether they were Germans or civilians, adding a fun new layer when who you THOUGHT was a civilian, suddenly pops an MP-40 out from under his poncho!)



Posted 8 months ago

 Thanks for the feedback!

Posted 4 months ago

 Hitler DID in fact escape with the help of the US. He was known to be in Brazil. Died in 1959

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