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Censorship on 1940s German Flag

Posted 2 years ago

I love Sniper Elite, really I do.

But what annoys me is the censorship.

Seriously, what gives?! It maybe just a game, but that's never an excuse to censor it.

Evem Germany had recently lifted the ban on the 1940s German symbol. The games are no longer under censorship.

And then backstab us by censoring a beloved game, Sniper Elite V2. It's called remastered, not remake. I don't want anything to do with future Sniper Elite games, or Zombie Army. As I want 100% uncensored 1940s german flags. This is a WW2 game, we're not babies. Or children.

The people who have been getting offended by the 1940s german symbol are people who DON'T BUY YOUR GAMES!! They watch gameplay videos, not buying your games. You literally net zero profit from these people, I suggest stop listening to them and make the game like it was since Sniper Elite V2(Never got the chance to play Sniper Elite 1). Completely uncensored like the X-Ray bullet cams.

If players can handle the gorey bullet cams, then the 1940s german flags are not going to traumatize them either. The players are not children, please stop treating them like it.

 Censorship of history is inexcusable.

Posted 1 year ago

 what's hilarious to me is the idiots that decide to censor this kind of stuff think that because people don't see it , it never happened. They actually think that. Bunch of suits in an office with nothing to do.

Posted 6 months ago

You have to beware of ppl that have their mouth full of tolerance and democracy , and fool is someone that would ignore the hipocrisy of the human being , you have to expect the worst in everyone , in this world , true os that tolerance is with ppl will tolerate and support others based on their ideology and he who does not have an enemy isnt supporting a cause .

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