Sniper Elite



Blurry/broken weapon textures.

Posted 5 months ago

 I picked up the Kar98k as it's one of my favorite rifles from the WW2 era and noticed that the textures for it in gameplay are all blurry and broken since it seems it won't fully load in. Is there a fix for this? And if not where can I submit a ticket?



Posted 4 months ago

If you are playing on PC, this is usually a result of your system not having enough dedicated video memory.

Please contact us here for support:

Posted 4 months ago

Hi there, I'm also having this issue, I'm playing on the ps4 pro and the kar98k looks blurry during gameplay, when you purchase it in the menu between missions it looks fine, but when you start a mission, the kar98k becomes blurry and bad looking while all of the other weapons look high res. Can we please get a fix for this? I got sniper elite 4 just to play around with the kar98k. I'll also raise a support ticket, hope this get's fixed.

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