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Sniper Elite V2 Remastered - PS4 Patch 1.04 - Patch Notes



Posted 2 years ago - edited 2 years ago by REB_Mike

 Patch 1.04 is now live!



Note:  Your mid-level checkpoint data will be reset to apply critical fixes and improvements. Some save games will need to be continued from the start of the level.

·         General bug fixes and visual improvements.

·         Improved game stability during gameplay.

·         Improvements and changes to localisation.


·         Fixed an issue in Kaiser Friedrich Museum where the player could become trapped.

·         Fixed an issue in The Landwehr Canal where the player could get blocked by invisible collision.

·         Fixed an issue in Kreuzberg HQ that would see the player teleport upon re-entering U-Bahn tunnel.

·         Fixed an issue in Brandenburg Gate that would stop the Wolff cutscene from triggering.

·         Improvements to AI behaviour across all maps including stuck and inactive AI.


Photo Mode

·         Contrast and Exposure sliders allow for greater finesse.

·         Added a new frame overlay: The Sniper Elite logo.

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