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Ps4 aim problem

Posted 1 week ago

 I know someone already made a topic about this issue but i need help please. So this month SE4 is free for ps plus and i download it. During the tutorial i had a problem, a BIG problem. I just can't aim with the scope, i know i have to fully press L2 and i'm doing it but nothing changes, i have an original controller and it doesn't work. I tried with my brother's one and it works but that controller it's NOT ORIGINAL lol. I just dont know how this thing is possible lol... I tried searching in settings in game and in ps4 but nothing. If you know any solution please let me know, thanks!

Posted 1 week ago - edited 1 week ago by k4rlovc4n

 Its PS4 console, not PC, what enter or shift LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 1 week ago

 Its PS4 console, not PC, what wnter or shift LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Posted 1 week ago

 Please contact us here for support:

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