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No Sniper Elite Co op Trophy :(

Posted 1 year ago

 Hi Rebellion,

My boyfriend and I have played every Sniper Elite game you've made and have loved it. We really look forward to each release in the series. We bought the Sniper Elite v2 Remastered and had a great time playing it too. However, when we completed Brandenberg Gate together, the Sniper Elite trophy didn't pop :( I remember it DID on the PS3. Will you patch this (hopefully), or it that the way things are for the remastered version? Thanks so much!



Posted 1 year ago

Badpan Commando (Resuscitate your partner 10 times in Cooperative mode) and Can Do! (Complete all Overwatch missions in Cooperative mode) Should still be in the game. These were the only cooperative trophies available in 3 I believe. Are you not seeing these available? Might be something we need to look into.



Posted 1 year ago

 No, I wasn't clear-sorry..  On the original PS3 version my partner and I played the entire campaign on  sniper elite difficulty co op. When we had completed  the game, we both got the trophy "Sniper Elite" trophy as co op. When we purchased the remastered game, we played the entire campaign co op, this time the trophy did not pop for either of us despite completing it in co op on Sniper Elite difficulty, Will you be patching this or is it as intended? 

Thanks again Scott!

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