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Disable Empty Lung Zoom

Posted 4 months ago


Is the option to turn off the scope zoom during the empty lung included in SEV2 remastered?  I realize that this is a remaster, but the zoom effect ruined the empty lung function in the original game for anyone who wanted to use the mildots to aim, and could arguably be called a mistake rather than a feature.



Posted 4 months ago

 Hi MikeyT,

Unfortunately there is no setting to turn off the zoom during empty lung. 

Posted 4 months ago

 Thanks for the reply. Do you know if there are any plans to fix this?  

I’ve wanted to like SEV2 ever since it was released (I sill have my “kill Hitler” keychain), but I can’t get over the fact that it can’t be played at the true SE1 Sniper Elite difficultly level.  If I was re-releasing this game, I would make it the true spiritual successor to SE1 that I assume it was meant to be. 

Thanks again, and good luck with SE5!

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