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SE v2 Remastered on switch

Posted 1 year ago

 So, just a quick word for the Devs re SE v2 on the switch...

EXCELLENT WORK! I'm just a few hours in but so far this is, imho, a rock solid port to the portable console! It's well presented, looks good on the small screen, decent frame rate so far and the cautious gun play and sniping works really well with the motion controls (which have lots of sensitivity sliders, something a lot of games seem to skip). Pricing with the digital pre-order was about right, despite the fact its an 'old' game.  Kudos all around. 

I really hope that the slightly more graphically ambitious SE 3 arrives in a similar state because if so, I'll be buying that later in the year too.  



Posted 1 year ago

 I'll pass it on to the team. Thanks for the kind words Vampes :)

Posted 9 months ago

 Just to let you know, I'm a man of my word - spent a couple of hours playing with SE III on switch at midnight :-). If anything, its looks and feels better than the last one - again, good work Rebellion devs.



Posted 9 months ago

 That's great to hear, thanks for the support!

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