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DLCs and coop

Posted 1 year ago

In the original Sniper Elite V2 game DLCs missions are only singlelayer, and because of that I not bought them, and now in the remastered version I want to know if they still singleplayer or now will have the option to play in coop mode?

Posted 1 year ago

 I think as the original DLC should be part of the campaign and the AI should be smarter without being too bleak so they’ll try and lure players out of foxholes, nests pillboxes and other hideouts.  Look at movies and the books behind blockbusters like Where eagles dare, the dam busters the longest day, saving private Ryan, the guns of navarone and enemy at the gates for new mission ideas.

These new missions could see players investigate dams and soften up their defenses for air raids by allied forces armed with Barnes Wallis bouncing bomb.  

Also we could see missions where players have to escape or assault famous prisons like colditz for missions to rescue prisoners and find plans for gliders, helicopters and new torpedos.

Posted 1 year ago

 what are you talking about?

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