Sniper Elite



Need for Cooperative Relative Position Tool

Posted 5 months ago

 Eventually we start playing in Authentic or Authentic Plus levels which means a lack of enemy detection radar.  I play in cooperative mode quite a bit with a friend and we have real trouble communicating enemy positions relative to each others positions.  For example I'll take an over watch position while he checks dead bodies and I'll spot enemies approaching his position.  I need to communicate the direction of enemy movement relative to his position so he can defend while I attack.  In sniper 4 there is no simple way to do this.  I need to be able to understand his position relative to mine to efficiently communicate important battlefield knowledge.  A compass would work wonders but since it's a game and not real life is should be a "digitally enhanced compass".  Questions I need answered to more effectively communicate: 1) Where is my partner looking right now? 2) Where is my position relative to his? :::  The bigger picture is we need tools that aid in cooperative communication.  In real life things happen more slowly so it's easier to communicate movement relative to position but in faster paced games we need a different set of tools.  Digitally enhanced tools.  Elevation can be a component too...just sayin.

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