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Game mechanics question

Posted 1 year ago

Will the game mechanics be updated ti version 4 mechanics?

I.e. melee kill option in proximity.

Posted 1 year ago


Big Fan of the series and was wondering if anyone could tell me whether the DLC missions in the V2 Remastered Version can be played in co op now.  Before you couldn't even on the Kill Hitler mission.  Please make it so!   

Posted 1 year ago

 would be nice, but I doubt a lot of work went into this. As we should all know by now, "remasters" are a way for companies to make a quick cash grab without a lot of effort. Hope I'm wrong



Posted 1 year ago

 The gameplay style is not being changed from the original. The reason for this is that the game is a remaster, meaning we want to keep the game as close to the original as possible in terms of gameplay style as that's out intention of our remasters.

There are a bunch of additions and updates to the game, but none of these should affect the style of play.

Hope this helps :)

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