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Posted 1 year ago

 I love the series of games and spend way to much time playing.  Will v5 be in the South Pacific or East Asia?  We haven't gotten the chance to kill any Japanese yet... pour souls.

Also, I love the DLC and killing Hitler is always a good time but what about Michinomiya Hirohito (will Karl have access to a special sword? ha!) or Benito Mussolini... dare we try to assassinate Joseph Stalin and change the future?

Regardless...I'm looking forward to v5. :-)

Posted 1 year ago

 I think the next Sniper Elite should have 2 story's.

1. Karl being in Northern Italy towards the Alps. Like you could have rescuing important hostages in Castles in the Alps. Assainating Italian (Loyal to Mussolini) and German Generals. Destroying essential equipment like Tank Factory's, Planes and Ammo Depots. Then cross his way into Germany and find himself in Berlin by April. Also you could have contracts where you assainate Snipers. Plenty off Mountains, Factory's, Towns, Countryside as part off the Scenery also a few buildings as well.

2. Play as a Soviet Sniper (Rebellion would have to come up with a name). You could have a Female Sniper who hates the Germans kind off Story. The scene could be Stalingrad and then towards the point where they push the Germans back to Sevastopol as part off the final mission. Again have German Generals as targets and also objectives like defending a factory. Attacking German artillery guns and other key positions they hild. Also support and Offensive to capture the Hill or when the Soviets cross the rivers into Stalingrad. 

I think to improve the game you could add character customising where you could add camouflages, uniforms and also hairstyles and facial hair.

Also the bullets and shells could be different like size difference. Also have a cloak where you can camouflage yourself from Enemy Troops or Snipers. Also have disguises when you stealthy meele kill a soldier. But you have a meter showing you the Soldier knows your a imposter or a Soldier who isn't observant. The enemies could be armed with Flamethrowers where they are deadly from close range but also Vunerable when you shoot the tank like the Radios or Grenade.

Posted 1 year ago

 would like to see it take place in Japan or Soviet Union. I highly doubt Sony will allow the Japan scenario though. 

Posted 1 year ago

 Karl could be fighting the Japanese in Manchuria as part of an Alamo scout team that either the AI or 4 players can control.  They’ll have a walkie talkie to communicate with their superiors including mother hen about objectives and newly missions in recently discovered regions.

Captured enemies can be taken to makeshift safe houses for interrogations and extraction or insertion can be requested via parachute, glider, inflatable speedboat from submarine, halftrack or truck.

In a separate adventure Boris and Natalya will uncover a terrifying new plot by rogue power hungry fascist psychological operations agents hired by and within the NKVD and the US Naval intelligence seeking to expand the intelligence communities reach and power  with false flag attacks in 1941 using destroyers and battleships with precision special artillery to eliminate and assassinate perceived threats in the USA and the USSR dragging both countries into the war and pinning the blame on the Nazis and Japan.  This will require players to scour the USSR for the enemy shipping and disable it by observing performing recon and assaulting staging areas before millions of civilians are killed.  As the war is in its early stages the Axis will be firmly in control and so in the Soviet Union the networks of Soviet partisans will help with additional gear from medium, short and long range, fighter, bomber, destroyer, carrier, submarine, tank, anti aircraft and APC support which players can call in by completing nearby missions for the partisans.  The Naval Spetsnaz will have it’s own missions to help advance their lines and so completing missions for them will allow frontlines and squads behind enemy lines to advance unlocking more of the map showing which areas are still under occupation and which are liberated.

These will be anything from POW rescue, observation of prison camps and enemy compounds for assault, interdiction or destroying enemy supply convoys on discovered supply trails and defending vital port and mineral rich cities in fierce urban warfare.

Players will be able to tell the partisans and guerrillas to hit in one place of a target area while they hit another allowing for coordinated simultaneous and consecutive attacks whether at night or day using the background noise of rain thunder, heavy and rocket offshore and land based armoured artillery to cover their sound and visibility as mist fog smoke and debris will produce brief distractions 

Posted 1 year ago

 It is my opinion that SEV or SE5 will be based on a Cold Icy Campaign: There are clues in SE4 f you look for them: Main clue now is  Deathstorm Part 1: Inception. With the war in Italy raging, Karl Fairburne has a new assignment. The Alsos Mission: 

The Mission is DLC and also set in harsh snow and ice and the term `inception` indicates the conception of an snow campaign: Just my thoughts:

Posted 1 year ago

 and Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny will join forces too.

Posted 1 year ago

 In Sniper elite 5’s campaign the Spetsnaz squad of Boris, Anya from Zombie Army and 4 their squad of 4 teammates who will be either AI controlled or playable in multiplayer need the ability to operate in diverse conditions since the USSR was the largest country on earth and so rebreathers will allow them to swim underwater with inflatable rafts deploying players from submarines, while parachutes and gliders will allow them to request silent airdrops across the map from cargo planes.

The partisans and NKVD will be operating and fighting the SS and gestapo across the map and whenever they’re nearby they’ll contact you with news of missions and available men for rescue missions, capturing high value targets like enemy officers, or destroying mustard gas and atomic research facilities.  Look at what the major, naval, air and land threats the Soviet Union faced during the war and base missions on and around it as well the major army naval and airforce officers on both sides for ideas for brushes with history 

Posted 1 year ago

These are my suggestions for zombie army 4 and sniper elite 5. 

 It would be great if they could give us a first person mode.  Arma 3 mods and Red orchestra 2 heroes of stalingrad properly introduced iron sight and scope sight adjustment for elevation.

Watch video 5:00-onward they show sight adjustment. 

I would like the option to choose an iron sighted rifle over a scoped rifle. Make it an achievement to snipe the whole campaign with ironsights. Call it the simo haya or white death challenge.  

Allows us to trade our secondary smgs so we can carry two rifles instead. Or allow us to carry LMGs like mg42, bar, bren. 

Character customization which will allow us to pick our uniform. Whether it be allied or axis. If your behind enemy lines might want to disguise as axis. Carrying capacity could be affected by your choice of web gear. Allow player to choose axis or allied web gear load out. 

Make sure enemy AI has historically correct battle gear like they did in sniper elite v2, SE3. Most troops in v4 were missing regulation combat gear. 

Bring in explosive rounds to the game. On the eastern front both sides used explosive anti air rounds for sniping. 

See videos below

Keep maps huge like you did in many of the missions in SE4. 

Otherwise looking forward to next installment.

Posted 1 year ago

 I think what is most important about a 5th version is the location in which it’s placed and time period. They’ve done great with tactics, authentic plus levels etc. 

Where and when should be the conversation.

1. Moscow 1950s

2. Korea 1950s

3. True to history locations of Hitler, Mussolini, top generals, etc. during the war

What do you all think

Posted 7 months ago

 I've never been more excited for a new game as I am for Sniper Elite 5! Has there been any hint of when that may be?

Posted 7 months ago

 no info at all. I am guessing end of this year, early next year

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