Sniper Elite



Will V2 Remastered include any enhancements or edits to the sound effects or the score of the original?

Posted 1 year ago

 Or is it just a visual remaster? Thanks.

Posted 1 year ago

I think they will keep it the same but with lots off improvements. Also might add some new features too. 

Sniper Elite 2 didn't have Silent ammo for Sniper Rifles which I think they will add for the game. Also they will probably have more collectables in the game. 

The only thing I did find strange was the fact Karl was in a US army uniform and the Soviets in Berlin attacking him which I get the Cold War feeling. But being WW2 allies probably shouldn't have them attacking Karl. So I think they need to change Karls uniform (Put him in Civilian clothing) as so the Soviets don't shoot him as a US Soldier but more as a unknown enemy. Also could have conditions where if Karl is spotted by the Soviets as a mission failure.



Posted 1 year ago

 Sound effects have been remastered as well :)

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