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Several questions

Posted 1 year ago

 Hello, I have several questions to ask as an emissary from several friends XD. Here they go:

1. Will new maps be added to existing ones? I refer to the version of ps4 compared with that of ps3. Personally, six seem to me to be few.

2. In SE4 there is a white dot that serves as a point of view to guide Karl's gaze correctly. Will this white dot be in the remaster, taking into account the misuse that the online community has made of it?

3. Will the statistics of the original game's weapons remain intact? I mean the zoom, charger capacity, shooting speed, etc.

4. In the non-cross mode of SE4 the games are divided into two for the teams to change zones. Will this be done in the remaster?

That is all for now. Thanks and regards!



Posted 1 year ago

 As this is a remaster, we're being as respectful to the play-style of the original as possible, so no play-style changes have been made, which answers 2, 3 and 4. The only change to multiplayer is the difference in numbers of people who can play now. 

Unfortunately there are no new maps in multiplayer, although there is still a large number of improvements to the game and we have some extra content announcements to come in the future. 

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